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Contrast Training Methods for Sprinters >>>

Before I dive into the details for why sprinters and athletes should utilize this type of training, I’m going to first define what it is exactly.  Contrast Training was first introduced to me by Louie Simmons at Westside Barbell.  This type of training involves a “contrast” or some source of variable resistance as you perform…

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3 Most Popular Sprints Training Posts on >>>

There is no shortage of informative and free sprints related content at Here are the three posts that have gotten the most views: #1. Accelerate Daily #2. 3 Reasons Sprinters Fall Apart at the End of Races #3. 4 Goals of 400 Meter Training   To your success, Latif Thomas USTFCCCA Event Specialist (Sprints, Hurdles & Relays)…

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Acceleration Progression – Working from the Top Down >>>

Over the summer I’ve had the opportunity to both have my questions answered by some of the best colleagues and friends a coach could ask for and also to answer a few questions myself as well.  One round of questions from a fellow coach that recently caught my eye was in regards to acceleration.  I…

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Fatigue, Part 4 – The Aerobic Energy System >>>

The scientific information presented in the first three sections on the onset of fatigue during exercise (Part 1 Fatigue–Energetics, Part 2 Fatigue–Anaerobic Alactic Energy System, and Part 3 Fatigue–Anaerobic Glycolytic Energy System) pointed out the importance of beginning each discussion on energy system metabolism with basic review of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and its role in…

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Training Camps >>>

The summer training period is crucial to the seasonal success of a cross country team.  Because athletes have other obligations during the summer months it is not easy to organize training activities that get everybody to practice on the designated days.  In some situations it is easier to have the athletes run on their own,…

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Fatigue, Part 3 – The Anaerobic Glycolytic Energy System >>>

Information presented in the first two sections on fatigue during exercise (Part 1 Fatigue-Energetics and Part 2 Fatigue-Anaerobic Alactic Energy System) pointed out the importance of beginning every discussion on energy system metabolism with basic knowledge of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and its role in muscle contraction.  Humans have advanced through natural selection using three metabolic…

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