Who Else Wants Immediate Access to Advanced Concepts in Training 400m Runners?


In the sprint events, no topic is more widely discussed or searched for than advanced concepts and specific progressions for training your 400m runners.

Sure, you can find information out there on the Interwebs. This progression from that coach everyone always talks about that was written 20 years ago…

Articles on different theories on training 400m runners that are nice to read, but don’t really help you put a program together…

I even know of a high quality, A to Z program full of great information…

…but, it’s aimed at the short high school season and doesn’t dive deep into the nuances of workout progressions and competing because it’s built for less experienced coaches working at the developmental levels.

But, if you’re ready for a monster 400m program that both spills the beans on exactly how to progress your 400m training for the entire year and forces you to really take a deeper look at your program and philosophy, then you have no choice but to immediately order this new program from Harvard University’s Marc Mangiacotti:

Advanced Concepts in Training 400m Runners

This is one of those programs that makes you pause the video every few minutes…

Then get up and walk in circles around your house, talking to yourself as you start to realize the holes in your progressions…

…and how nasty your long sprinters will once you plug in the new ideas you’re learning.

With a total running time of 4 hours and 46 minutes, Coach Mangiacotti breaks the program into 10 specific sections, detailing protocols and progressions for the entire collegiate season:

  • 1. Introduction and Athlete Testing
  • 2. Training Considerations for the 400m Sprinter
  • 3. Fall Training
  • 4. Late Fall & Early Winter
  • 5. Winter & Championship Season
  • 6. Blocks & Acceleration
  • 7. Max Velocity & Floating
  • 8. Strength Training
  • 9. Mental Preparation
  • 10. The Final Stretch (4×4 Relay, Summer/Winter Break Ideas & Injury Prevention)

Let’s take a look at a couple more clips from the program. This first one is from Chapter 5: Winter & Championship Season and takes a detailed look at the many ways you can attack training for the Tuesday session in this training phase:

In this clip from Chapter 7: Max Velocity & Floating, Coach Mangiacotti breaks down the many benefits to using Wicket Drills to develop posture, mechanics, timing and the skill of floating:

Want the ‘Advanced Spacings’ for the Wicket Drill? Not to worry, Coach Mang tells you in the program!


As you can see from just a few minutes of content, Coach Mangiacotti covers a lot of information in this program. In order to ‘overdeliver’, we thought you might want to see how the concepts and progressions play out in the ‘Real World’.  So, in addition to nearly 5 hours of ‘No Fluff’ content, Coach Mang also gives you:

  • Full 26 week annual plan (every workout ‘on the track’)
  • Full 26 week weight training plan (every weight room session)
  • 10 specific warmups  and circuits he uses in his program

Of course, with all of this new knowledge at your disposal, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. You’ll probably have some questions as to how to apply this to your college athletes or modify it to your high school season.

Since this program is delivered to you digitally (no DVDs will be sent in the mail) once you order you’ll create your own unique username and password in order to log into the secure site where ‘Advanced Concepts in Training 400m Runners’ is hosted.

This way, you can download the videos to your computer. Or you can view them on any mobile device with an internet connection.

But, most importantly, you’ll be able to ask Coach Mangiacotti as many questions as you want for as long as you own the program. And Coach Mangiacotti is contractually obligated to log into the site multiple times per week.

This means you’ll never have to wait more than a day or two to get an answer to your question!

So let’s get down to brass tacks:

How much does Marc Mangiacotti’s
‘Advanced Concepts in Training 400m Runners’ program cost?

As you well know, a 45 minute DVD full of nonsense drills and exercises is going to run you at least $40.00-$50.00. And you’re not going to get sample programs. And you’re certainly not going to get lifetime Q&A access to whoever created the DVD.

So, with a running time more than 500% longer than the typical program, plus all the sample programs and Q&A access, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to charge $200.00 – $250.00 for this information, even if you factor out shipping and cost of production.

But, we’re not going to ask you to pay that much money.

Simply put, when you order Marc Mangiacotti’s ‘Advanced Concepts in Training 400m Runners’ program today, you won’t pay $250.00. Or $150.00

Order now and get immediate access to Coach Mangiacotti’s program for only $99!


Advanced Concepts in Training 400m Runners

Order now for only $99

That’s a sweet deal!


Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Order Marc Mangiacotti’s ‘Advanced Concepts in Training 400m Runners’ Program. Watch it. Test it for the next 2 months. If it isn’t everything I say it is, return it within that 60 day window, and I will give you your money back.

No questions asked.

I’m so confident in this program and your ability to get program changing results with it, I will take on all the risk.

Coach Mangiacotti has a proven track record in developing 400m runners.

Complete Track & Field has a proven track record of providing top quality resources for coaches.

You simply won’t find better information with full Q&A access for any price that can match this offer today.

Order Marc Mangiacotti’s ‘Advanced Concepts in Training 400m Runners’ Program right now and set your 400m group up for universal Lifetime Bests this season.

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In track,








Latif Thomas
Complete Track & Field


P.S. With your order of this digitally delivered program, you get immediate access to all the videos and sample programs. Plus you get Lifetime Q&A access to Coach Mangiacotti!

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Nov 04, 2013 by John Michael

The genius of Marc Mangiacotti's 400 meter program is both its comprehensiveness and its adaptability. Coach Mangiacotti anticipates every question and lays out his program in an understandable way. It is rare to find a training program that covers the most advanced concepts of sprint training but that can also easily be implemented at the high school and lower college level. If you want to understand more about 400m training, here is a chance to learn from the best. Thanks Coach.

Mang's 400 Program

Oct 28, 2013 by Mat

Coach Mangiacotti’s 400-meter program is just as good if not better than his 100/200-meter program. He is able to break down the season’s training into multiple phases. He does a very good job explaining the types of training that goes into these phases. He gives great examples of workouts and drills that could be implemented in the season. I found it very useful to see his annual training plan that goes along with the videos. I did have a question after watching his videos about training he does during the indoor season on a pre meet day. He was very quick to provide a very detailed explanation. A nice feature to this program is how it can be used at all levels of coaching. I have found myself using some of his material from this training in my preseason training already for this season. Coach Mangiacotti is a very well respected coach in my area, and anytime I am looking for answers for training he is a great resource for me.

To Be Good, Learn from the Best

Oct 28, 2013 by Coach

Look no further if you want to advance your athletes. Coach Mangiacotti is one of the best sprint coaches in the USA. Period. He has proven this at every level he has coached: high school, DIII, DI. This video will benefit any coach at any level. As a Division I coach, I have found his concepts instrumental in the development of my sprinters, combined event athletes and even jumpers. This is an opportunity to learn from one of the best!

Coach Mangiacotti's 400m Training Program

Oct 27, 2013 by Dave Wright

Coach Marc Mangiacotti is one of the most knowledgable sprint coaches you will ever come across. His Advanced Concepts In Training 400m Runners is the best I've seen in my 20 years of coaching. It covers everything from warm up to strength training, and clearly explains the energy systems of the body and how to work them. Coach Mangiacotti does a great job of explaining the "why" of all the different aspects of training which is so important. Sure there are a bunch of workouts and drills you can just take and add to your plan but this program also teaches principles that will make you a better coach. Many of these principles have become cornerstones in our program and as a result, we have seen huge improvements in our 400m performances. I highly recommend this program to any coach looking to improve their team's 400m times, and increase their knowledge of sprint training.

Dave Wright
La Salle Academy
Providence, RI

Mange's 400m Training

Oct 24, 2013 by Steve

1. Easy to understand. 2. Easy to implement. 3. Worth every cent.

400m training

Oct 24, 2013 by Jesse McCray

Coach Mangiacotti's 400m program has been a template for my 400m sprinters. When I was first hired there was no 400m high school girls program. Under the guidance of Coach Mangiacotti we have dropped from consistantly running 4:15 to 4:20 in our 4 x 400 relay to now running between 4:05 and 4:02 within the span of 3 years.
This program has rejuvinated our sprint program. In addition to the training schedules and workouts Coach Mangiacotti's insights in the different types of 400m sprinters has been helpful in terms of writing workouts and staying away from the "cookie cutter approach" in which everybody runs the same workout and only the strong survive. This program is a must for any coach who wants to improve their sprint program or find answers to the questions of how can I improve my program.

Coach Mangiacotti's 400m Program is Essential and Effective

Oct 24, 2013 by Howard

Coach Mangiacotti's 400m program is the most important tool that I have and will continue to use for my long sprinters. It allowed me to create a training plan that produce 12 NCAA All-American athletes. With Coach Mang's program, I was able to get two women who's best 400m were 62, 64 second...to run 58 open and 56 on the 4x400m Relay. My men went from 49/50 to 47/48 open, high 46 relay split. The program provided me the tools to effectively plan my training cycles, focusing on the strength/skills of my athletes throughout the year. When in doubt, Coach Mangiacotti is the first person that I reach out to for assistance and overall guidance. I highly recommend this program to current coaches and those individuals who aspire to be great coaches. I just began the third year of my coaching and I plan to utilize Coach Mangiacotti and his 400m training program, for the rest of my career.


Oct 23, 2013 by Coach Wilber

This program along with the others I have gotten from Coach Mang have helped make my team one of the strongest sprint teams in school history and it will continue to be. It is easy to follow and adjust to your team individually and I can guarantee that you will be pleased that you made the choice to purchase this! I was and so were my kids who placed 9th in the state meet for the 4x4 and broke our school record at 3:20

My honest review.

Oct 23, 2013 by Thomas Lee

I wish to be absolutely honest and let you know how I really feel. If you look at the number of times I actually logon, you will know how excited I am about the program. I had expected DVD discs like my previous order and ended up totally devastated. I am 54 years old, for crying out loud. So don't expect me to be IT savvy like the youngsters. Anyway, that was my last order. Once beaten, twice shy.

Response: Coach Lee - Thank you for your review. It does appear your issue isn\'t with the quality of Coach Mangiacotti\'s program, but with the fact it is not available on DVD. Again, I apologize for this. As per our policy, I did offer to refund you during our previous email correspondence on this very topic. If online viewing is outside of your comfort zone, please email us at contact@completetrackandfield and I will be happy to extend that offer. - Latif Thomas, Owner - Complete Track and Field, LLC

Coach Magiacotti 400m Program Pays Dividends

Oct 23, 2013 by John

Coach Mangiacotti's 400 meter program has paid huge dividends not only to the athletes, but to me as a coach. The information that he has provided has allowed me to grasp the concepts of longer sprint training better than I have in the past. His idea's of how he goes about his season and rational are very sound and insightful. In no way is he trying to reinvent the wheel, but he truly helps with the idea about how training should be for the 400 meter runner. At any point that you have a question for Coach Mangiacotti he is quick with a well thought out and thorough response. In terms of application this has also paid huge dividends with my athletes as they have seen great progression at this point in the year compared to where they were last year in respect to speed and strength. Looking forward to a better year across the board.

Coach Mangiacotti's ability to break down key concepts and make them easy to understand is something that I valued greatly. It also helps that he basically is on call with any possible questions you may have. Hopefully Coach Mangiacotti will be doing more of these programs in the future because he truly helps make a difference. Thank you so much!


Coach Mangiacotti's 400m Program

Oct 23, 2013 by Shane McKenzie

I have implemented many facets of this program to my track crew, both long and short sprint, with great rewards. I have made many subtle changes and modifications to the program to suit my athletes and our long season here in Australia. One of my athletes, who could not break 52 sec for love or money last season, opened up with 50.69 on the weekend. One of my 15 year old girls won her State School Championship over 400m with a 2 second pb (60.69). I know this program works 100% now. Our only way is up from here on.
Thanks coach Mangiacotti for sharing such insight and wisdom with this program. I have taken many parts and modified it to suit my short sprinters too, with one my my guys taking 0.10 off his p.b. again in the opening meet of the season, and we are 5 months away from our goals in our peaking model. Everything is slotting into place magnificently. I am very much looking forward to our continued success and helping to guide my athletes towards World Junior Qualification and representation.

4.5 5.0 11 11 The genius of Marc Mangiacotti's 400 meter program is both its comprehensiveness and its adaptability. Coach Mangiacotti anticipates every question and lays out his program in an u Advanced 400m Training with Marc Mangiacotti
Advanced 400 Meter Training
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