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3 Great Posts From 2015 Complete Track and Field Clinic Event Group Leaders

Over the past week or so, I’ve posted three articles/videos from 2015 Complete Track and Field Clinic Event Group Leaders, all of which I think: A) You’ll really like B) Are important tools for becoming a better coach and athlete Share them with others or save them to look at again later. But, certainly take…

Posted by Latif Thomas

You’re Fired Friday #6: Kneel Before Zod

There’s no short way to write out the extent of the fallout from my last You’re Fired Friday video. For the first time ever, only one person is on the chopping block. And today’s victim is the most ironic firing in the several year history of You’re Fired Friday. P.S. No children were harmed in…

Posted by Latif Thomas

Aerobic Power Principles

Aerobic power is considered a good measure of aerobic fitness. Commonly known as VO2 max, it is useful for the running coach to determine what velocity is associated with present day aerobic power development in an athlete at that moment in time. Once the vVO2 max is determined it can be used to structure aerobic…

Posted by Scott Christensen

Vertical & Horizontal Jumps Drills

So Latif has asked me several times to write a post giving coaches opportunities to improve their jumpers’ technique even when coaching large groups, without a jumps facility or when athletes/coaches are pressed for time. Over the summer, one of our horizontal jumpers competed for her country, Ghana, at the Commonwealth Games and the IAAF…

Posted by Reuben Jones

6 Ways to Build Stronger Relationships With your (Student) Athletes

Along the way to becoming a better coach and educator in track and field, I’ve come across (in both academia and in real life) six traits I hold to be true of quality coaches that build not only strong individuals in body, but in mind and spirit as well. In turn, the athletes will, in…

Posted by Gabe Sanders

Spring Track Workouts for Sprinters, Jumpers, & Hurdlers: Week 1 of 13

  I’ve already posted how I set up my annual plan for the track season. But I thought I’d share a Week 1 microcycle. This is my plan for the first week of practice. Will it go this way? Not likely. But since I know the physiological effect I’m looking to elicit for each session, I…

Posted by Latif Thomas
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