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3 Factors More Important Than the ‘Workouts’ You Write

Obviously the ‘workouts’ we prescribe are important to the success of our athletes. But, I’ve said it countless times: My ability to ‘write workouts’ is absolutely not why I’m successful at coaching. I think that’s particularly evident these days. Today I want to share 3 new (and excellent) posts that will make coaches and athletes…

Posted by Latif Thomas

Your Honest Best

So, I fell. My first 400H race as a professional athlete and I fell. Initially, I wanted to write this post about trusting the process – what I dubbed “the key to surviving this sport” after a long conversation with World Athletics Center sprints coach, Chidi Enyia. But given the circumstances, I figured this was…

Posted by Shante Little

The Twelve Day Training Microcycle

Understanding the principles of training theory is an important aspect of training middle distance runners. Training theory applies the laws of the natural world to the domain of athletics so that coaches do not have to rely on hope, belief, and trial or error in setting up a sequential training plan for their athletes. Training…

Posted by Scott Christensen

Aerobic Power Training

Documented training schemes designed to improve aerobic power velocitym (vVO2 max) in distance runners were first described by the Soviet Sports Institute in the 1970’s. Besides the Eastern Bloc countries, one of the athletics organizations to quickly pick up on the training concept was the British Milers Club in the early 1980’s. Frank Horwill and…

Posted by Scott Christensen

Sprints Programs on Sale + New Sprint Hurdles Program from Marc Mangiacotti

First and foremost, both Marc Mangiacotti’s ‘Complete 100m Training‘ and ‘Advanced Concepts in Training 400 Runners‘ programs are on sale this week. And when you get the digital versions, you’ll be registering/logging in at the new home for all of our digital resources. Once we’re fully operational, you’ll only need one username and password to…

Posted by Latif Thomas

The Training Environment – The Forgotten Stimulus

The training environment, depending on the situation, lies on both ends of the spectrum of control and influence we as coaches have on a practice session. The real art is managing the environmental factors that are both active and passively affecting what is taking place and what is being produced during the session. What can…

Posted by Gabe Sanders

3 Great Posts From 2015 Complete Track and Field Clinic Event Group Leaders

Over the past week or so, I’ve posted three articles/videos from 2015 Complete Track and Field Clinic Event Group Leaders, all of which I think: A) You’ll really like B) Are important tools for becoming a better coach and athlete Share them with others or save them to look at again later. But, certainly take…

Posted by Latif Thomas

You’re Fired Friday #6: Kneel Before Zod

There’s no short way to write out the extent of the fallout from my last You’re Fired Friday video. For the first time ever, only one person is on the chopping block. And today’s victim is the most ironic firing in the several year history of You’re Fired Friday. P.S. No children were harmed in…

Posted by Latif Thomas
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