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2015 CTF Clinic: Saturday Night Coaches Seminar Details

On Saturday night, we will be holding 3 hours of seminar presentations by our staff.  At the conclusion of the presentations, we’ll have a Social running until midnight. We will have a bar so you can enjoy some adult beverages. In fact, we’ll open the bar at 7:30 so you can enjoy a beverage during…

Posted by Latif Thomas

Strength and Conditioning Certification Course with Boo Schexnayder

For many track and field coaches, strength and conditioning for each event group is an area of relative weakness. I know I feel more comfortable and confident writing ‘track workouts’ than I do managing strength and weight room progressions, multijump contacts, or multithrow volumes and frequency. That’s why I’m extremely excited to announce that Boo…

Posted by Latif Thomas


I reached out to Latif, (Latif Thomas), before writing this post. He asked me how I stay motivated especially given the fact that I run one of the most unenjoyable events in the sport. For the record, I don’t consider the 400H unenjoyable (short sprints on the other hand…).   Latif posed two questions.  …

Posted by Shante Little

Know Your ABCs

Early morning commutes to Harvard are pleasant. No matter the season, the drive past Fenway Park is warming — easily reviving images of a boisterous crowd of Red Sox fans dressed in red, white and blue. In a city filled with some of the nation’s oldest historical sites, the 26-story Berkeley Building is one of…

Posted by Marc Mangiacotti

[Now Available] 5 New Distance Training Programs

We’ve released a total of FIVE new middle distance/distance training programs covering a variety of events and topics. They’re all created by 30+ year high school coaching veteran and USTFCCCA Lead Endurance Instructor, Scott Christensen. (You can also take a look at all of Coach Christensen’s other middle distance and distance training programs.) Most of our…

Posted by Latif Thomas

NEW PROGRAM: Peaking Workouts & Strategies for Distance Runners

Scott Christensen is back with a brand new CTF coaching resource we’ve titled: Peaking Workouts & Strategies for Distance Runners. If this kind of information is something you’re interested in, strongly consider Scott’s new 70 minute program. As educated coaches, we know the height of the peak starts on the first day of practice. There…

Posted by Latif Thomas

3 Factors More Important Than the ‘Workouts’ You Write

Obviously the ‘workouts’ we prescribe are important to the success of our athletes. But, I’ve said it countless times: My ability to ‘write workouts’ is absolutely not why I’m successful at coaching. I think that’s particularly evident these days. Today I want to share 3 new (and excellent) posts that will make coaches and athletes…

Posted by Latif Thomas

Your Honest Best

Initially, I wanted to write this post about trusting the process – what I dubbed “the key to surviving this sport” after a long conversation with World Athletics Center sprints coach, Chidi Enyia. But given the circumstances, I figured this was the perfect time to sit down and really think about what it means to give your all.

Posted by Shante Little
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