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Black Friday Sneak Peak – Massive Savings

Our “Black Friday/Cyber Monday” Super Sale will begin on Wednesday, November 25 and run through Tuesday, December 1. But, this year, we will be doing things differently than we have in the past. So here’s how it works: From Wednesday 11/25 – Tuesday December 1, every Complete Track and Field program is on sale for 25%…

Posted by Latif Thomas

Championship Meet Mental Preparation

Your team has just qualified for the state cross country meet with an excellent performance at the section race. Let the celebration begin! That is, for about four hours anyway. A good rule for celebrating (or pouting) is the Midnight Rule.  Championship meet mental preparation begins.  Celebrate your victory until no later than midnight of…

Posted by Scott Christensen

4 Goals of 800 Meter Training

  The 800-meter is a unique event.  According to a study done by the University of Western Australia, there is a 60% aerobic energy system contribution to top male athletes and 70% aerobic energy contribution for top female athletes running at 800-meters.  It is important to note that the slower the athlete is, the more…

Posted by Ron Grigg

Supplemental Lifts for Athletes and Sprinters

I’m pretty certain that a majority of coaches and trainers at this point can appreciate the benefits associated with “Supplemental Exercises” in their comprehensive strength training program. I adopted this term from mastermind Louie Simmons and Westside Barbell because I think their terminology is the most logical of all the variations of the word I’ve…

Posted by Travis Hansen

Coaches Purpose Statement

Educational policies in America are rife with contradictions and ironies that make it almost impossible to have a personal coaching philosophy that one can feel comfortable with. On one hand, school administration directs that a teacher be transactional in the classroom in regard to student learning. What matters to the administration is the students standardized…

Posted by Scott Christensen
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