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[Video] You’re Fired #5: Sacred Cows of Track and Field (NSFW)

Here comes the lynch mob. As a favor to our head coach, I’m temporarily taking this page and video down. It violates all of my personal principles to cater to anonymous phone calls and emails sent by (I’ll let you fill in the blanks) to the administration of the school where I coach. But, Paul…

Posted by Latif Thomas

Aerobic Power Primer

All of the standard distance races including cross country are combined zone races. Combined zone means that energy needed for muscular contractions at race pace is derived from both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems in combination. Improvement in both the capacity and efficiency of these independent energy systems, and how they work in tandem,…

Posted by Scott Christensen

‘Winter Training’ Themed Articles & Workouts

Last week, a blizzard dropped 24 inches of snow on us. On the way to practice this morning, I drove through whiteout conditions and it was so cold out, it hurt. And we’re supposed to get another foot of snow on Monday. Whether you’re stuck inside all winter with your sprinters, hurdlers, jumpers, and throwers…

Posted by Latif Thomas

Blizzard of 2015: Video Playlist

Where I live, there’s a blizzard happening. I can’t tell you how excited I am to shovel the 24+ inches of snow that has fallen. By excited, I mean I will cry myself to sleep tonight. Regardless, I thought I’d share a video playlist from my YouTube Channel. And by ‘I thought’, I mean I…

Posted by Latif Thomas

The Athlete Profile – Part 3

Training science, like all science, is about replication of procedure to attain the same data sets. Yet each runner is a unique person. Track coaches use sciences of physiology and psychology to develop successful athletes in hopes of replicating data from person to person and season to season. This can be difficult in part because…

Posted by Scott Christensen
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