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Does the Squat and Deadlift Improve Sprinting Speed?

  Does the squat and deadlift improve sprinting speed? Since I first entered into the speed training realm, there has always been some degree of debate amongst many professionals concerning whether or not the squat and or deadlift was necessary for increasing human running speed.  In this article we will explore several studies and sub-topics…

Posted by Travis Hansen

Coordination as a Primary Physical Component to Successful Distance Running

The first step in designing training programs for cross country runners is visualizing a clear understanding of the physical components needed for success.  Designing distance training schemes without a clear purpose in mind is an inefficient process at best, and at worst is a hodge-podge of this and that from impractical weight room exercises to…

Posted by Scott Christensen

Flexibility as a Primary Physical Component

There are five primary physical components that are targeted for improvement during physical training.  The degree of emphasis placed on each of the five components of strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, and endurance is sport specific.  All must be addressed for any athlete to improve performance capacity.  In cross country running, the component of endurance is…

Posted by Scott Christensen

Strength as a Primary Physical Component

Strength is categorized as a primary physical component of the human body. The other primary physical components are speed, coordination, flexibility, and endurance. The aim of physical training is to improve the fitness of these five components in a balanced program to meet the specific demands of the sport. The role of a coach is…

Posted by Scott Christensen

Age Appropriate Distance Training

One of the most important reminders for those coaches involved in training young distance and middle distance runners is they are not simply miniature adults. Not only are the bodies smaller, the mind less experienced, the systems of the body not at full development, but also training has far different effects and considerations as compared…

Posted by Scott Christensen

RIP Nell’s Macbook

‘RIP Nell’s Macbook’ Sale     As many of you may know, I hired a new employee a few months ago to help feed the beast and work directly alongside me, to prepare for a number of new marketing initiatives and programs I plan to release this year. Since hiring Nell, Complete Track and Field…

Posted by Latif Thomas
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