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Coaches Purpose Statement

Educational policies in America are rife with contradictions and ironies that make it almost impossible to have a personal coaching philosophy that one can feel comfortable with. On one hand, school administration directs that a teacher be transactional in the classroom in regard to student learning. What matters to the administration is the students standardized…

Posted by Scott Christensen

Peaking Workouts for Cross Country Runners

The championship week is the culminating microcycle of training for a long macrocycle of aerobic and anaerobic development. Unlike team sports, the “championship week” in cross country varies from athlete to athlete and from team to team. For some members of the team it may be the week of the Conference Meet and for others…

Posted by Scott Christensen

The Nine Day Cross Country Training Microcycle

Applying the principles of contemporary training theory is an important aspect of coaching cross country runners. In general, training theory applies the laws of the natural world to the science of longer distance running so that coaches do not have to rely on trial and error or anecdotal beliefs in setting up a sequential training…

Posted by Scott Christensen

Performance Diagnostics

Middle distance coaches should be constantly analyzing the race day performances of runners in their training group for both good tactics and physiological strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, racing performance will improve more dramatically by developing and improving physiological weaknesses rather than improving already developed strengths.   Both the aerobic energy system and the anaerobic energy…

Posted by Scott Christensen

4 Reasons to Attend This Strength & Conditioning Certification Course

UPDATE (August 3, 2015, 3:53 PM Eastern): The USTFCCCA Strength & Conditioning Certification with Boo Schexnayder is Sold Out!  We’ve reached our hard cap of 75 coaches and will no longer be accepting registrations.  If you’re one of the coaches who got in, we’ll be nerding out soon with many of the top area high…

Posted by Latif Thomas

2015 CTF Clinic: Saturday Night Coaches Seminar Details

On Saturday night, we will be holding 3 hours of seminar presentations by our staff.  At the conclusion of the presentations, we’ll have a Social running until midnight. We will have a bar so you can enjoy some adult beverages. In fact, we’ll open the bar at 7:30 so you can enjoy a beverage during…

Posted by Latif Thomas

Strength and Conditioning Certification Course with Boo Schexnayder

For many track and field coaches, strength and conditioning for each event group is an area of relative weakness. I know I feel more comfortable and confident writing ‘track workouts’ than I do managing strength and weight room progressions, multijump contacts, or multithrow volumes and frequency. That’s why I’m extremely excited to announce that Boo…

Posted by Latif Thomas


I reached out to Latif, (Latif Thomas), before writing this post. He asked me how I stay motivated especially given the fact that I run one of the most unenjoyable events in the sport. For the record, I don’t consider the 400H unenjoyable (short sprints on the other hand…).   Latif posed two questions.  …

Posted by Shante Little

Know Your ABCs

Early morning commutes to Harvard are pleasant. No matter the season, the drive past Fenway Park is warming — easily reviving images of a boisterous crowd of Red Sox fans dressed in red, white and blue. In a city filled with some of the nation’s oldest historical sites, the 26-story Berkeley Building is one of…

Posted by Marc Mangiacotti
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