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Do the Squat and Deadlift Improve Sprinting Speed? [Part I]

  Do the squat and deadlift improve sprinting speed? Since I first entered into the speed training realm, there has always been some degree of debate amongst many professionals concerning whether or not the squat and or deadlift was necessary for increasing human running speed.  In this article we will explore several studies and sub-topics and find out whether or not this type of exercise is indeed essential for a sprinter or athlete.  Before I go on though, I want to be clear that I’m not advocating either of these 2 specific exercises as the be all end all to speed training, as there are several other elements that need to be a part of an athlete’s program in order to yield maximal benefit from…

The Top 3 Articles, Programs & Answers of October 2013

I understand you probably don’t have time to catch everything that we post on CompleteTrackandField.com during the course of the month. So, today I’m doing a quick(ish) recap since you probably missed some stuff you’d be interested in. Below are ‘The Top 3 of October 2013’ for the following categories: 3 Most Popular Articles, 3 Most Popular Training Programs, 3 Best Q&A discussions. Click on the title to visit the article page or program.   Top 3 Most Popular Articles (in terms of total views)   #3:  Top 5 Sandbag Training Exercises by Matt Ellis (Primal ATC)  Why it ranked: Internal surveys show strength training information is the 2nd most requested topic (event specific program geared toward the HS level is #1). Combine that with…

Top 4 Farmers Walk Handles Exercises

No Funding? No Problem! Homemade Training Equipment for Teams with Tight Budgets.   After the release of the first homemade training equipment article and video highlighting the use of sandbags to gain more strength, power, and explosive speed, a lot of emails and questions were sent from readers wondering about my mention of farmers walk handles in the video. After all, aren’t farmers walk handles only good for one thing? The answer might surprise you. Expensive, welded store bought farmers walk handles are usually good for one or two exercises. There is the suitcase deadlift where weight is loaded on to each handle and deadlifted off the ground (think of lifting 2 heavy suitcases at the airport) and of course, the farmers walk event. The…

Top 5 Sandbag Training Exercises

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