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The Top 3 Articles, Programs & Answers of October 2013

I understand you probably don’t have time to catch everything that we post on during the course of the month. So, today I’m doing a quick(ish) recap since you probably missed some stuff you’d be interested in. Below are ‘The Top 3 of October 2013′ for the following categories: 3 Most Popular Articles, 3…… More

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Top 4 Farmers Walk Handles Exercises

No Funding? No Problem! Homemade Training Equipment for Teams with Tight Budgets.   After the release of the first homemade training equipment article and video highlighting the use of sandbags to gain more strength, power, and explosive speed, a lot of emails and questions were sent from readers wondering about my mention of farmers walk…… More

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Top 5 Sandbag Training Exercises

No Funding? No Problem! Here are my Top 5 (Homemade) Sandbag Training Exercises for teams committed to getting stronger…even with tight budgets! You find yourself in this position every year. You go to your AD and present him with your list of needs for the season. Your old uniforms are looking a little tattered and…… More

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