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Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sale- Massive Savings

Our Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sale will begin on Friday, November 25 and will run through Monday, November 28. Here’s how it works: From FRIDAY 11/25 – MONDAY  11/28, every Complete Track and Field program is on sale for 25% off when you use coupon code: CTFSAVINGS.  HOWEVER: Each day of the sale we will be highlighting a specific event group/category where you can get up to 50% off our most popular individual programs and program bundles ON THAT DAY ONLY. For example, all Sprints programs will be 25% off all week. But, on 11/25, all Sprints programs will be 40-50% off for that day only. On 11/26, sale prices go back to 25%. If you’re in the market for programs addressing 55m- 600m, be sure to get…

Summer Training Ideas for Sprints, Hurdles & Jumps Part II

Summer Training Ideas for Sprints & Hurdles & Jumps Part II “Summer, summer, summertime… Time to sit back and unwind” Related Article: Summer Training Ideas for Sprints, Hurdles & Jumps Part I A longer season is a successful season… Each championship meet your athletes attend has the potential to be a qualifier for the next. Some athletes survive and advance while others start their summer early, which means a longer break. I have athletes that end their season when finals have ended and others that stick around for quite a bit more time. For this reason, I seem to think the first phase of my training theory for the summer is simple: Stay active Do things you enjoy that are NOT track & field related (i.e….

Summer Camp Registration Deadline is This Friday!

If you’re still debating whether or not to come to the clinic this summer, search #ctfclinic on Twitter to see what past attendees said during and after the event. So, every year we get a flood of last minute registrations and countless sad stories from coaches, parents, and athletes who waited too long and get locked out. If you want to take advantage of the $50.00 ‘Early Bird’ discount and NOT have to pay full price, you MUST register by the end of the day this Friday, May 27. ⇒ Register now for the 2016 CTF Summer Clinic (click on the event groups in the menu for their individual pages.) Coaches: Remember, if you send three athletes from your program, you can come for free. If you coach high school…

Gift the Top Selling Programs of 2015 to Your Favorite Coach!

Here’s an easy way to get the coach/es in your life (or yourself) a quality last minute Christmas present…without leaving your couch. I’m doing a Beta test with a new system that allows you to purchase one of our digital programs for someone else. Once you pay for it, they’ll get an email with instructions for completing the registration process. To set it off, I’m making 7 of the top 8 best selling programs available through Christmas Day. You can get 30% off your order on these programs when you use coupon code COUNTDOWN. (The Best Selling program of 2015, Complete Speed Training 2, isn’t available digitally, but the coupon code will work.) Click on the links below to go to the Registration Pages for the…

Latif Thomas: Speaking Events in 2015-2016

Latif Thomas Schedule and Appearances    Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT) Connecticut High School Coaches Association Coaches Clinic November 15, 2015 Mastering Your High School 400m Training Program     Montini High School (Chicago Area: Lombard, IL) Track-Football Activation Consortium  December 11-12, 2015 Specific Strength Progressions & Acceleration Complexes Teaching and Progressing Acceleration & Top Speed Complexes Block Starts and Acceleration     Hilton- Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort (Daytona, FL) Florida Athletic Coaches Association Track and Field Clinic January 7-10, 2016 Visit the website for speaking topics      Sheraton Hotel (Indianapolis, IN)  Indiana Association of Track & Cross Country Coaches Association T&F Clinic  January 28-30, 2016 Blocks, Starts, & Acceleration Teaching & Progressing Top End Speed (Max Velocity) Mastering Your High School Short Sprints (55-200)…

How to Create an Annual Plan for High School Sprinters

Where I live, the indoor track season starts the Monday after Thanksgiving. And if I expect to have a good season, I better have already spent some serious time planning and creating the annual plan for my short and long sprinters. (As well as my ‘super long sprinters’ who run the ridiculous 600m race here in New England.) Taking the time to create a simple, but flexible, annual plan outline helps me focus in on the various training and competitive goals I have for the season.  As the years go on, I’ve found that the more energy I put into my general annual plan, the easier it is to write highly effective workouts, as well as make adjustments once the pandemonium of the season starts. If you’re not familiar with…

Coaches Purpose Statement

Educational policies in America are rife with contradictions and ironies that make it almost impossible to have a personal coaching philosophy that one can feel comfortable with. On one hand, school administration directs that a teacher be transactional in the classroom in regard to student learning. What matters to the administration is the students standardized test score at the end of the course, and that is about it. In fact, teacher evaluation (and their job) is now heavily linked to these performance scores. On the other hand, that same teacher walks a few yards to the locker room and is directed by the supervisors to be a transformational coach in their approach to sport. Relationships must be the focus is the cry. This means that…

4 Reasons to Attend This Strength & Conditioning Certification Course

UPDATE (August 3, 2015, 3:53 PM Eastern): The USTFCCCA Strength & Conditioning Certification with Boo Schexnayder is Sold Out!  We’ve reached our hard cap of 75 coaches and will no longer be accepting registrations.  If you’re one of the coaches who got in, we’ll be nerding out soon with many of the top area high school and college coaches! If you’re on the outside looking in, scroll down to save big on some of Boo’s best coaching programs. -LT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The goal was to get 45 coaches registered for Boo Schexnayder’s T&F Strength and Conditioning Certification Course on August 22-23 at Bishop Hendricken HS in Warwick, RI. With 3 weeks to go, we’ve got 76 coaches registered and will no longer be accepting any entries….

2015 CTF Clinic: Saturday Night Coaches Seminar Details

On Saturday night, we will be holding 3 hours of seminar presentations by our staff.  At the conclusion of the presentations, we’ll have a Social running until midnight. We will have a bar so you can enjoy some adult beverages. In fact, we’ll open the bar at 7:30 so you can enjoy a beverage during the presentations. We will also have a medley of snacks for you to eat. This is a great opportunity to get more insight into the planning side of coaching, as well as talk shop with our clinic coaching staff. There is no shortage of good times at the social. Additionally, I will be filming these sessions and I will email you with access once I process them after the clinic….

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