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Contrast Training Methods for Sprinters

Before I dive into the details for why sprinters and athletes should utilize this type of training, I’m going to first define what it is exactly.  Contrast Training was first introduced to me by Louie Simmons at Westside Barbell.  This type of training involves a “contrast” or some source of variable resistance as you perform…… More

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Recommended Reading: The Speed Encyclopedia

I was recently approached by this guy, Travis Hansen, asking me to promote his program. I get this a lot and 99% of the time I’m all set. But, I told him to send me his stuff and I’d take a look at it. I’m an information junkie and it’s summer so I figured at…… More

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You’re Fired Friday (Vol. 2)

It’s a New Year and I can’t think of a better time to release another installment of me indiscriminately firing people on the Interwebs, especially since coaches seemed to enjoy the first version. The theme of today’s episode: Professionalism, Status and the Ego If you start getting worked up, be sure to look over my…… More

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3 NOT Track & Field Specific Programs I recommend (25% off, too!)

I implement a lot of coaching and training ideas and programs coming from *outside* of the world of track and field specific coaches and organizations. I think it’s important to branch out in order to get a different perspective from the ‘field and court sport’ and ‘strength and conditioning’ universe. One organization I’m proud to…… More

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Top 4 Farmers Walk Handles Exercises

No Funding? No Problem! Homemade Training Equipment for Teams with Tight Budgets.   After the release of the first homemade training equipment article and video highlighting the use of sandbags to gain more strength, power, and explosive speed, a lot of emails and questions were sent from readers wondering about my mention of farmers walk…… More

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Top 5 Sandbag Training Exercises

No Funding? No Problem! Here are my Top 5 (Homemade) Sandbag Training Exercises for teams committed to getting stronger…even with tight budgets! You find yourself in this position every year. You go to your AD and present him with your list of needs for the season. Your old uniforms are looking a little tattered and…… More

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Loading for High School Weightlifting

With high school weightlifting, much of the time spent in the weight room will be dedicated to the coaching of athletes on the proper movements, positions, and providing general technical info needed to safely complete the movements with maximal return on the time invested. The other portion of the time of the strength coach will…… More

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