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Complete Track and Field Black Friday Coupon Codes and Special Offers

Everything in the CTF Store is on sale for the lowest prices of the year until midnight Eastern on Wednesday December 3, 2014. We’ve also added DVD versions of all full programs, which you can sort through by event group. Here is the list of deals you can get. If you follow us here at…

You’re Fired Friday (Vol. 2)

It’s a New Year and I can’t think of a better time to release another installment of me indiscriminately firing people on the Interwebs, especially since coaches seemed to enjoy the first version. The theme of today’s episode: Professionalism, Status and the Ego If you start getting worked up, be sure to look over my…

3 NOT Track & Field Specific Programs I recommend (25% off, too!)

I implement a lot of coaching and training ideas and programs coming from *outside* of the world of track and field specific coaches and organizations. I think it’s important to branch out in order to get a different perspective from the ‘field and court sport’ and ‘strength and conditioning’ universe. One organization I’m proud to…

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