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***Special Guest Clinician***

Boo Schexnayder

You may have seen him speak at Conferences the world over. But have you ever had a front row seat to watch Coach Schexnayder directly work with young athletes? For a limited segment of the event, Boo will lead a group of jumpers. He'll then hang back in the crowd and answer your questions as athletes are being coached. Finally, you'll get to hear him deliver and exclusive 60 minute presentation on a topic chosen by other registered coaches! This is not an opportunity you'll want to pass up!


When you attend the Complete Track and Field Clinic as a Coach (or Parent Coach), you get a Front Row Seat to witness first hand how many of the top Collegiate and High School Track and Field Coaches in the United States teach, coach, cue and interact with athletes.

Take notes. Bring your video camera. Ask our staff questions between sessions.

Unlike athletes who must stay with their event group for the entire clinic, your registration allows you to move freely between event groups at your convenience.

In addition to the two day clinic, on Saturday night we hold traditional seminar style lectures featuring some of our top clinicians. This is your chance to see the Science forming the basis of what gets taught on the track and in the field, as well as get all of your training questions answered.

The Complete Track and Field Clinic is fast becoming the Gold Standard in Track and Field events, having brought in coaches and athletes from all 50 US States and 10 different countries over the past 3 years.

We're excited about our fourth clinic and hope you and your athletes will join us again this summer!

Latif Thomas & Marc Mangiacotti
Directors - Complete Track and Field Clinic

P.S. For every *three* athletes from your school who register, you get *one* FREE Coach's Registration. Encourage your athletes to attend and you and your staff could potentially attend the Complete Track and Field Clinic at no cost!

Simply email contact@completetrackandfield.com with the names of your 3+ registered athletes to get your registration fee waived!

2014 Complete Track & Field Clinic General Details

  • Dates

    Saturday July 19 & Sunday July 20, 2014

  • Times

    9am – 4pm each day. Registration begins at 7:30am on Saturday and 8:00am on Sunday.

  • Location

    Harvard University 65 North Harvard Street Boston, Massachusetts 02163

  • Eligibility

    All Coaches and Parents interested in learning cutting edge coaching techniques and strategies. (The concepts taught at the clinic are geared toward the High School level and are digestable for novice and experienced coaches alike.)

  • Events Covered

    - Sprints (55-400m) – Mid Distance/Distance (800m-Cross Country) – Hurdles (55H-400IH) – Jumps (Long, Triple & High Jump) – Throws (Shot Put, Discus & Javelin)

  • Cost

    $249 – Covers 12 hours of instruction, T-shirt, lunch and handouts with all warmups, drills, exercises and workouts from the clinic, as well as 3 hours of Seminar/Lecture/Q&A on Saturday night.  

2014 Complete Track & Field Clinic 'Saturday Night Seminar' Details

Seminar Room A

6:30pm - 7:20pm: Boo Schexnayder  (Advanced Uses of Circuit Training)

7:30pm - 8:20pm: Latif Thomas (Yeah, But I Coach High School Kids)

8:30pm - 9:20pm: Jason Saretsky (Developing Distance *Athletes* Instead of *Endurance* Specialists)

Seminar Room B

6:30pm - 7:20pm: Boo Schexnayder  (Advanced Uses of Circuit Training)

7:30pm - 8:20pm: Matt Ellis (Strength & Power Development for the Throwing Events)

8:30pm - 9:20pm: David Cusano (Acceleration: Progressions and Cues)

Disclaimers & Other Information

  • Waiting List

    If you don’t get on your athletes to register quickly, they face being put on the dreaded Waiting List. The same applies to you as a coach: There is only so much space and we can not compromise the learning opportunity for the athletes. Register now to avoid scrambling around when I send out that ‘Last Chance to Register’ email!

  • Refunds

    A non-refundable deposit of $100 is attached to all registrations in order to prevent slot hoarding and the last second bail outs preventing Wait List athletes from attending. This means, if you ask for a refund before the ‘No Refunds No Matter What’ Deadline of July 6, 2014, you will be refunded $149 – Your $249 registration fee less the $100 deposit.

  • Inclement Weather

    While we do have access to and will use the indoor track, the number of attendees means the 2014 Complete Track & Field Clinic will be run outdoors, rain or shine. In the event of thunder and lightning, we’ll delay the clinic until the weather passes. We cannot fit everyone indoors and to ensure the quality of the event, will not plan to do so!

  • Clinic Disclaimer

    Camps run at Harvard University are done for the benefit of the Harvard coaching staff and not affiliated directly with Harvard University.

  • Daily Schedule

    The posted schedule is a general one and is subject to change at any time, including during the clinic itself.

  • Support

    If you have questions or need help, please check our FAQ page for answers before contacting our support team.