2018 Complete Track and Field Clinic
Answers to the Most Popular Questions About the Clinic

  • q-iconI compete in multiple event groups. (Sprints & Jumps, for example.) Do I have to stay with the same event group for both days?

    Yes. Because there are a limited number of spots available and each day’s activities are designed to build on previously learned skills and progressions, athletes must stay with the event group they signed up for.

  • q-iconCan I sign up for multiple event groups?

    No. You can only register for one event group. You will have to decide which event group you feel will help you the most.

  • q-iconIf I sign up as a coach, do I have to stay with the same event groups for the entire clinic?

    No. Registering as a coach gives you a pass to roam freely, as well as attend Saturday night’s classroom sessions. In a nutshell, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want and listen/watch whatever you want for as long as you want!

  • q-iconIs this a complete camp program — room, board, transportation, social activities, etc?

    No. The 2017 Complete Track & Field Clinic is not a camp. Instead, it is a 2 day clinic. We assume responsibility for activities scheduled between 9am – 4pm on both days (as well as Saturday night classroom sessions for registered coaches). Room and board, social activities, etc. are the responsibility of the athlete/parent/coach.

  • q-iconI’m coming to the clinic from out of town. Where should I stay?

    We have negotiated a limited number of discounted hotel rooms available at ‘Clinic Headquarters’, the Marriott Courtyard Boston-Cambridge. (This hotel is within walking distance to the track and field complex.) Once they’re gone, there is nothing we can do, so please reserve your room now. Click here to reserve a room at the discounted rate.  If you have any issues, please contact the *hotel* at 1 (617) 492 – 7777. NOTE: Double rooms will go quickly, but the king rooms have a club chair, which can turn into twin sized bed if needed.

  • q-iconDo I need to provide a lunch for my son/daughter who is attending or is lunch provided?

    Lunch will be provided for coaches and athletes on both days. We are still working out the details, but for the past 4 years we served pizza and fruit on Day 1 and Subs on Day 2. If you (a registered coach) or your son/daughter have dietary restrictions preventing you/them from eating the meals we are making available or find this offering substandard for any reason, it is your responsibility to bring your own lunch. Due to the number of coaches, athletes, and staff we must feed each day, we are unable to provide or create special meals for those attendees with unique dietary restrictions.

  • q-iconWhat is the address to the facility?

    The clinic will be held at Harvard University’s McCurdy Outdoor Track.The street address is: 65 North Harvard Street Boston, Massachusetts 02163

  • q-iconWhat’s the deal with parking?

    Parking is one thing that is out of our control. There are parking meters that you can use or you can park across the street at the Business School for $14 per day. The parking meters are $5 for 4 hours of parking. You can park on North Harvard Street and a few other streets in the area for free if you can find it. Because it is the weekend and the summer, it will not be as crazy as during the school year. We are looking into getting a deal on parking on site. Regardless, the parking office will be notified not to ticket people during the ‘drop off’ time for the camp. Click here for more information regarding parking.