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Download Your Free Starting Blocks Set Up ‘Cheat Sheet’

If your sprinters’ and hurdlers’ settings in the blocks aren’t set up correctly, they’ll continue to step out, pop up, spin out and generally make you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing as a sprints coach.

Instead, use this free ‘cheat sheet’ from Latif Thomas as a guide to ensure you correctly set your sprinters (and sprint hurdlers) up to maximize their ability to out-execute the competition by violently and efficiently pushing themselves into a proper and efficient sprinting (ground striking) position.


Get a Jump Start on Your Distance Coaching Career With This Free 75 Minute Video Coaching Clinic

So you're new to coaching distance runners. Maybe you're new to coaching in general or you're moving over from another event group. You may not be familiar with the lingo and aren't sure how to put an effective training program together.

If any of this sounds familiar, this 'coaching clinic' is a great place to start.

Led by Scott Christensen, the USTFCCCA Lead Endurance Instructor with over 30 years coaching experience at the high school level, you'll soon understand the fundamentals age and gender appropriate training volumes and intensities, current scientific training information and terminology, and energy system development.

You'll also be provided with a framework for planning training, including examples and analysis of specific workouts.

  Discover (for Free) the 7 Laws of Training Primary Event 400m, 600m and/or 800m Runners

There's no shortage of information on training short (55m-200m) sprinters.

And there's no challenge in finding information on training long (200m-400m) sprinters.

But, when it comes to planning effective training for your athletes whose skill set lies primarily in the 400m, 800m (and 600m, depending on where you live) event range, finding quality and specific training information was once a time consuming (and frustrating) process.

Download Ron Grigg's free report covering the 7 Laws of Training Primary Event 400m, 600m and/or 800m Runners and discover exactly how to balance the 'speed' and 'strength' qualities leading to maximal success in this tricky range of events.

Download Your Free Guide to Race Tactics and Strategy for the Endurance Events: 800m - 5000m

Mileage and interval training workouts aren't enough to guarantee success in the endurance events.

An effective race plan can make the difference between success and failure, All Conference and Also Ran.

Use this free report from Scott Christensen detailing race tactics and strategy for all endurance events from 800m - 5000m



Download Your Free Guide to Fixing Common Errors in the High Jump

The high jump is the only 3-Dimensional (length, width, height) jumping event, making it particularly difficult to coach.

If your high jumpers struggle to consistently (and cleanly) clear 'Personal Best' heights, attack the bar at efficient angles, avoid jumping into/landing on top of the bar and otherwise struggle to achieve performances you know they're capable of, then you've discovered the answer.

Download 2008 US Olympic Team Jumps Coach Boo Schexnayder's (free) guide on Finding and Fixing Common Errors in the High Jump and discover both practice and competition solutions to the jumps issues preventing your high jumpers from clearing higher heights on a consistent basis.