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Training High School 400m Runners (Extended Trailer)

Posted by Latif Thomas

Here is a sneak peek at Latif Thomas’s new ‘Training High School 400m Runners‘ program.

Latif Thomas owns and operates Complete Track and Field and serves as the Co-Director of the Complete Track and Field Clinic, the largest track and field clinic in the United States. A popular speaker and presenter at some of the largest coaching clinics in the country. Over the past 15 years, he has coached more combined League, Division, All State and New England Champions in the sprints, hurdles, and jumps than he had the emotional strength to go back and try to count. Follow @latif_thomas on Twitter

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  • Michael

    Good Morning. I have been an avid follower of many of your articles and videos and have found them to be of tremendous use both practically and theoretically. I love what you guys have been doing and I hope you keep it up. I’m from the island of Trinidad and Tobago and I am a 100 & 200 meter sprinter who has been out of competition for approximately 3 years. I have just resumed my training and would like to know what recommendations you guys can offer me with regards to regaining much of my lost strength, explosiveness and flexibility… I am currently engaging in pool workouts to attain some full body conditioning due to slight pain i was experiencing in my left ankle.

    • http://www.completespeedtraining2.com Latif Thomas


      As a 1/2 guy, your base of speed and power is the foundation of your success. Now, I’m a 2/4 guy who has been out of specific training for much (much, much) longer than 3 years. And every time I start to itch to train like a sprinter, my ‘let’s run fast’ default mindset has me go out and get greedy and then I can’t walk for a week. (I clearly don’t practice what I preach!) Point is this: Work your way back slowly. When you train, do a little bit less than you think you’re capable of so that you leave practice hungry for the next session. Anytime your mind says “One more” take that as a sign you’ve already done one too many. Sounds like you’re being smart by doing pool work for general conditioning. Once you feel like you’ve reached an acceptable baseline, get out on the grass and start doing some GS circuits as well. If you take the ‘do a little less than you can handle’ approach to coming back, I think you’ll come back faster. Have fun and good luck!

      • Michael

        @Latif Thomas:
        Thanks a lot Latif… in hindsight, your advice is very much what I needed to hear in terms of my getting to full strength. Also, there has been something playing on my mind for a while now. At first, I hated the 400 but now, while I don’t think I would ever try making it one of my events I find myself wanting to run that particular race for strength purposes and for relays with my club……although i’m not going to do any running until i’m ready, do you see any downside in my attempting to get an increased number of 400 meter training routines in my program or will this aide my return to the track?

        • http://www.completespeedtraining2.com Latif Thomas


          I see no problem with adding a couple races at that distance for specific endurance and some mental strength.


    Thank you ever so much for this audio clip. In my humble estimation, it is the type of advice that many of us coaches (who have multi-faceted sprint groups on the same team) need to hear, to validate our feelings about not having a specific “type” of approach to coaching the long sprints. I particularly like your idea of “coaching what you see,” because every year (sometimes at different phases of the same season), we see a different group (at least a different composition of the group) of these long sprinters. So, thanks again for your clarity and the validation it offers. I can hardly wait until Monday when the complete programm is released!!!

    Geno Thomas

    • http://www.completespeedtraining2.com Latif Thomas


      My pleasure, man! As you eloquently state, I think that we as HS coaches get caught up in all the ‘fancy’ stuff we see from the elite coaches we study and forget that these little kids don’t need all that and also, when we’re running multiple event groups, we just don’t have time. So much of my philosophy is born out of necessity as I don’t have a track in the winter, I coach sprints, jumps *and* hurdles and my average group size is 60-75 kids each season. If this video and philosophy makes sense to you, the program as a whole is going to help you get better results while simultaneously taking a lot of stress out of your life! Look forward to speaking with you in the Q&A section!

  • http://www.minerstrack.com Jason

    As always great info. I have the same philosophy.Coach what you see! It’s reassuring to hear it from a “guru” like yourself. I tend to try to move the hybrids up. Love having the sprinters in the 4×8 by the end of the season. I feel they have a higher ceiling.

    • http://www.completespeedtraining2.com Latif Thomas


      I’m certainly no ‘guru’, but I am humbled by your kind words. And what you say about moving the hybrids up is a perfect example of The Art of Coaching. If you like having 4×8 runners then you’ll naturally be inclined to run more of a ‘long to short’ style program and by following that ‘coach what you see’ philosophy, you’ll be able to individualize certain sessions for certain kids to get the most out of them. All stuff you are already doing, no doubt! Good luck this season!

  • http://completetrackandfield.com David McKinney

    The information on this website is valuable to Track & Field coaches and athletes. Similar to clinic information.

  • D Gone

    to be blunt, how much is the program?

    • http://www.completespeedtraining2.com Latif Thomas

      @D Gone:

      It is only 97 dollars if you order by Friday September 21.

  • Ann Gregory

    Is this program going to be much different in the short sprints/long sprints you give in your CST volume 1 or 2 where you speak about how to set up th “short” sprinter vs “long sprinter”

    • http://www.completespeedtraining2.com Latif Thomas

      @Ann Gregory:

      It’s not going to be a 180 degree difference because I haven’t completely changed what I’m doing since I came out with CST2. However, I have made some changes/modifications/upgrades to the structure I used then that I think have gotten me better and more consistent results. Also, in this program, I spend a good amount of time talking very specifically about a topic I have not directly addressed in any of my other programs (or seen others address in any detail) that I believe has the greatest impact on my athletes’ performance: Developing Self Confidence. So it’s not *only* about which workout to do on Tuesdays because I don’t find that to be something worth spending the bulk of my time thinking about.

      If you have CST2 or CPD and you’re trying to decide if this program is worth it, I’d say it boils down to this: Do you want to see how I’ve evolved my system, see the changes I’ve made, why I’ve made them and where I’m moving in terms of how I run my programs? Do you like my information? Has it been helpful to you? Do you think I know what I’m talking about? If yes, then you should get it. If you think it’s not worth it unless it’s a completely different program with absolutely nothing that could be described as redundancy? Well, that’s a different story.

      For example, Mike Boyle has *FOUR* volumes of his ‘Functional Strength Coach’ series. I have all four. Does he cover some of the same stuff? Of course. But in each version it is more streamlined and more evolved and I find better ways to use it or morph it to fit my needs. I like to see how things evolve and that’s why I keep getting them.

      But, for me, I’d pay for a program like this just to be able to ask the coach questions specific to my program and situation whenever I want to.

  • Coach Bleicher


    I’m sure I’m just being dumb, but I ordered CST2 and Training High School 400m Runners. How do I access Training High School 400m Runners? I know it’s online, but I have not been given any information…
    Thanks for your time.

    • http://www.completespeedtraining2.com Latif Thomas

      @Coach Bleicher:

      Not dumb in the least, Coach. We get an occasional glitch where the log in information doesn’t go out. You appear to be set up within the site. If you still can’t get in, let me know.