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"How to Plan, Write and Progress Training For Your Long Jumpers, High Jumpers, Triple Jumpers, and Pole Vaulters"

Fellow Jumps Coaches

t's hard enough to develop approach accuracy, take off, in flight and landing mechanics with your jumpers.

And that doesn't even begin to address the hardest part of your job as a jumps coach:

Planning Training.

Overdo it and your jumpers will get injured.

Play it too safe and they won't be able to get off the ground.

How many times have you asked yourself...

  • How long should my training phases be?
  • What should my warm ups consist of?
  • How much speed work should be on the track vs on the runway?
  • How do I structure my weight room sessions?
  • When should we do multijumps and multithrows? And how many?
  • What does general training and recovery work look like for a jumper?
  • Where can I find sample training sessions for all three training phases based on my season length and the number of days per week we practice?

Because, as you know, if you guess wrong in even one of these areas, you might ruin your jumpers' entire season.

And, therefore, your own.

My personal coaching philosophy is this:

Why invent mediocrity when you can copy genius?

So, instead of wasting multiple years and even more pairs of legs trying to guess the answers to these questions, I went straight to the best jumps coach I've ever met:

Boo Schexnayder

In case you're not familiar with Coach Schexnayder, here a handful of his career accomplishments:

  • 34 years of coaching and consulting experience, but most noted for the 12 years he spent as a member of the Track and Field coaching staff at LSU
  • Mastermind behind 19 NCAA Champions during his collegiate coaching career
  • Part of 12 NCAA Championship teams and a pair of Juco National titles, as well as developing a host of conference champions and All-Americans
  • Coached 10 Olympians, and has served on coaching staffs for Team USA to the 2003 Pan Am Games in Santo Domingo, the 2006 World Junior Championships in Beijing, and was the Jumps Coach for Team USA at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.
  • Certified at Level I, II and III, and owns the prestigious Master Coach Designation from USA Track and Field.
  • Formerly served as national chair of USATF’s Coaching Education Committee, Jumps Subcommittee chair, and chair of the Biomechanics subcommittee.
  • Currently serves as the Chair of Advisory Board of the USTFCCCA Track and Field Academy, and directs its programs.
  • Mentor to hundreds of high school and collegiate coaches[/features_box_light_blue]

With a pedigree like that, I knew he was the person to ask to create a program with the sole purpose of walking you through every step of the process of planning better workouts for your high school and collegiate jumpers.

I knew this program had to be simple enough for a new coach to 'cut and paste' progressions, yet deep enough for advanced coaches to dig into and push their program to the next level.

It had to address the Real World constraints of the high school coach who only has an 8-12 week season, as well as the college coach with an 8-12 week general prep phase.

It had to specifically address programming options for developing all five physical capacities (speed, strength, mobility, coordination and endurance) for all three training phases (general, specific and competition) whether you have access to your athletes four, five or six days out of the week.

It had to cover premeet sessions as well as what to do when peaking your jumpers during their Championship Season.

And the icing on the cake?

Coach Schexnayder had to make himself available to answer all the training questions that come up once you start watching and implementing the program.

I knew it was an amitious request because, to my knowledge, no such program exists anywhere in track and field.

Well, when Boo sent me the final product, my jaw hit the floor.

It is a Masterpiece.

Once you see it, and I'm going to show you some video in a moment, I'm confident you'll agree that when it comes to coaching resources, it raises the bar to record heights.

Pun intended.

The program is called...

'Complete Program Design for the Jumping Events with Boo Schexnayder'

To ensure no stone is left unturned, Boo breaks the program into 17 concise video tutorials, packed with specific examples, videos and training progressions.

They are:

  • Assembling a Training Inventory
  • Phases of Training
  • Warmup Components
  • Planning Warmups
  • Run Training Overview
  • Assembling the Run Training Program
  • Weight Training Components
  • Assembling the Weight Training Program
  • Multijump and Multithrow Training
  • Assembling the Multijump and Multithrow Program
  • General Training Components
  • Assembling the General Training Program
  • Planning Training Sessions
  • Organizing and Planning Training Cycles
  • Peaking and Premeet Training Design
  • Sample Training Constructs
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Frequently Experienced Problems[/red_tick_list]


It's even better than it sounds.

But, I get it.

What else am I going to say?

It's a product. I want you to buy it. I'm not trying to pretend otherwise.

So, that said, let's take a look inside the program.

You'll appreciate how Boo sets up each section with an overview of the components of the section, giving you a clear sense of the 'why' that he covers when showing you how to assemble the specific details of your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly program.

In this clip from the 'Phases of Training' tutorial, he outlines the overall approach you should take to your jumps program as a whole new level... 

Once he defines the parameters that will keep you coloring between the lines, he shows you exactly how to set up your microcycles based on the time of year.

Here, in the ‘Assembling the Multijump and Multithrow Program’ tutorial, Boo clearly lays out how to assemble your multijump training.

As you know, you simply cannot afford to screw this up.

You'll also see how a beginner coach can almost 'cut and paste' the progressions while a more experienced coach can really dive deep into the nuances of program design...

But, Boo does more than 'just' break down why, when and where to put each drill, set, rep and exercise in your jumps program.

He also covers the design many coaches overlook.

For example, what should your jumpers do the day before the meet to ensure they achieve optimal performances?

In this clip from the ‘Peaking and Premeet Training Design’ tutorial, Coach Schexnayder goes over just a few of your options...


Now, you probably have questions about your program...

You probably wonder if you're doing the right things at the right time. Too much. Not enough.

After all, what quality coach doesn’t ask him/herself such questions?

So having Boo Schexnayder to go to for answers will revolutionize your program.

And that's why I believe the most valuable part of 'Complete Program Design for the Jumping Events with Boo Schexnayder' is the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers directly from Boo.

For example, you may be concerned that working with Olympians and NCAA Champions means Boo doesn't understand your needs or your athletes.

Now, what if you were to ask him the question,

"How do you handle young and inexperienced athletes in this system?"

Well, he tackles this issue directly in this clip from his ‘Frequently Asked Questions and Frequently Experienced Problems’ tutorial…


Again, whether you're inseason or out of season, you work with high schoolers or Olympians, Coach Schexnayder will be there to help you work through any problems you or your jumpers are experiencing.

The more you think about it, the more you'll realize if there is such a thing as 'must have', 'Complete Program Design for the Jumping Events with Boo Schexnayder' is it.

So let's get down to brass tacks.

You know the problems you're having with your jumpers. That's why you're reading this.

You understand Boo Schexnayder is as good as it gets when it comes to jumps training.

You've seen a sample of the information he covers, taken directly from his program.

And, don't forget, not only will Boo answer your training questions, but you'll you'll have 24/7 access to questions and answers submitted by your colleagues and competitors.

Meaning the program will continue generating new material as time goes on.


Let's talk about price.

You'd agree I could easily justify a hefty price tag on a program this comprehensive from a coach of Boo Schexnayder's caliber.

But, from a practical standpoint, there is one significant factor working in your favor.

‘Complete Program Design for the Jumping Events with Boo Schexnayder’ is a digital program.

It's all online. There are no DVDs or packaging that we have to pay for, burn, warehouse, process and ship.

This saves us time, staff and resources, allowing us to pass those savings along to you.

Once you order, you'll be taken to a secure site where you'll create your own unique username and password.

You’ll then have immediate, 24/7 access from any computer connected to the Internet.

This includes smart phones and tablets like your iPad.

So you can bring the videos out to practice or reference the materials when you’re out with your coaching friends enjoying a few ice cold adult beverages!

Here's the bottom line:

If this were a DVD program, I'd charge $200 and it would still be an excellent value. Because just the Q&A with a coach of Boo's knowledge and experience is easily worth that amount.

But, for now at least, you can get immediate access to 'Complete Program Design for the Jumping Events' with Boo Schexnayder' for only...

$149.00  $99


And remember, like all Complete Track and Field resources...

Test it out for 60 days. If you don't like it, request a refund within that window and we'll give you all of your money back.

It's just that easy.

If you want better results with all of your jumpers, no matter what your level of experience or theirs, order 'Complete Program Design for the Jumping Events with Boo Schexnayder' now by clicking here.

In track,






Latif Thomas
Owner - Complete Track and Field, LLC


P.S. Test drive 'Complete Program Design for the Jumping Events with Boo Schexnayder' risk free for 60 days. If it's not everything you hoped it would be, we will refund your full purchase price.

P.P.S. Your purchase gives you the opportunity to ask Coach Schexnayder any questions you have about training your jumpers. He will check in and answer your questions on an ongoing basis. You'll never be confused about what to do at your next practice!

P.P.P.S. Would you rather have this program on DVD as opposed to digital/streaming? If so, click here.