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  • 365 3 Most Common Errors Coaching Jumpers (Checklists)

    Long Jump: Technical Checklist

    Quickly and easily identify technical and postural errors with this 45 point checklist covering all 10 phases of the Long Jump. (The perfect coaching aid for practice and competitions.)

  • 412 3 Most Common Errors Coaching Jumpers (Checklists)

    High Jump: 'Find and Fix Common Errors' Manual

    Discover causes and solutions to the 6 most common errors technical errors. (HINT: Most failures are related to the quality of the approach and curve.)

  • 398 3 Most Common Errors Coaching Jumpers (Checklists)

    Triple Jump: Step Phase Repair Flow Chart

    Finally! Here’s a step by step guide to permanently fixing those stubborn hop (second) phase issues plaguing your triple jumpers, regardless of ability level.