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6 Signs You’re Over-Coaching Your Athletes at Meets >>>

As I go into the 39th year of my coaching career, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t one of “those” coaches. You know the one I’m talking about. The guy who thinks he’s been coaching 39 years but has only really coached one year 39 times (thank you Gary Winckler for that bit of…

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Early Season 400m Training Workouts >>>

A coach asked if I would consider writing an article about early season 400m training.  Here is a look back at a few of my articles that cover this topic. A while back, I wrote an article entitled, “Circle of Truth.” This is a workout I use for all sprinters and hurdlers as conditioning in…

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How to Establish Cross Country Training Groups >>>

The cross country season begins anew and the coaches face their first training challenges as the team gathers for the first day of practice.  Foremost in training group formation is the fact that half the team has done some summer training, while the other half has not run a mile all summer long.  To further…

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Fatigue, Part 5 – The Central Governor Theory >>>

  The scientific information presented in the first four sections on the onset of fatigue during exercise (Part 1 Fatigue-Energetics, Part 2 Fatigue-Anaerobic Alactic Energy System, Part 3 Fatigue-Anaerobic Glycolytic Energy System, and Part 4 Fatigue-Aerobic Energy System) pointed out the importance of beginning each discussion on energy system metabolism and fatigue with basic knowledge…

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How to Simplify Organizing Practice for Multiple Event Groups >>>

If you’re a high school track coach, chances are you’re simultaneously in charge of a relatively large number of kids *and* more than one event group. Efficiently and effectively organizing practice for multiple event groups may be your greatest practice challenge. It’s frustrating to spend considerable lengths of timing planning and organizing practice specifics, only…

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(Video) How *not* to get recruited by college coaches >>>

It can be difficult for high school athletes, as well as their parents and coaches, to understand how to get recruited by college coaches. This leads to well meaning kids and adults engaging in behaviors so inappropriate and unappealing to college coaches, they lead to the athlete becoming entirely uncrecruitable. Fortunately, I’ve created a video…

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