Do Your Sprinters Have a Fumbling Problem?

Posted by Latif Thomas

I coach at a distance school where the distance coaches love watching sprinters do (what appears to be) aerobic work. I’m pretty sure it’s a commonly held belief among distance coaches that doing long repeats/intervals make sprinters ‘mentally tough’.

It doesn’t. Special Endurance does.

But, when structured correctly, it does improve anaerobic threshold and that’s an important quality for young sprinters I’ll need to run 400/4×4, 400IH/4×4 or 200/200/4×4 at ‘no regard for human life’ paces in May and June.

While it’s true I have added one extra Tempo themed day to my 400/400h microcycle during the prep phases, my core philosophy for training sprinters remains the same:

Train slow, run slow. Train fast, run fast.

Don't fumble the ball

Sprinters frequently fumble the ball late in races. There are only 3 reasons this happens.

It is based on science, not opinion.

So, today, let us take a moment and review:

The Only 3 Reasons Your Sprinter Fall Apart at the End of Races.

When we know better, we can do better.

To your success,

Latif Thomas

Twitter: @latif_thomas

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  • ~Elle

    Hey Latif,
    Unrelated but I was wondering if you could do a post on stretching/injury prevention/recovery.

    Or if you have thought of added a session covering the topic in the clinic, lead by a physio or massage. So many athletes walk up to me and say “I hurt here” and point to an area, or they say the wrong muscle group all together.The NCCP “Recovery and Prevention of Injury” course I took here was a joke, and they told me to consult my team physio therapist. My team like yours/some of your posts operates on a shoe string budget, so we dont employee a physio therapist. What are your thoughts?