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*TOP SELLER* Complete Speed Training for Sprinters (High School) with Latif Thomas


Discover How to Build Champion Track and Field Sprinters

CST2 – The Gold Standard for high school coaches who aren’t blessed with Division I talent, facilities or budgets. Created by a high school coach for high school coaches. If you’re interested in developing a working understanding of how to teach technique and implement quality workouts for your young 55m-400m runners in the short (i.e., not college length) season, then click here!

Complete Program Design for 400/600/800 Meter Runners with Ron Grigg (High School)

How to Coach Your 400/800 Runners.

Even the best coaches may have moments of uncertainty as they question their approach to training the 400/600/800 meter athlete. Given the demands of the events, and the varied strengths and weaknesses of the athletes who do well here, coaches have important decisions to make regarding training design. Once you have an understanding of what qualities to train and how to train them in isolation, then you can get creative in combining these qualities in unique ways shared in this program.