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Complete Scott Christensen (All Four of Scott’s Middle Distance & Distance Digital Programs)


Get immediate access to all four of Scott Christensen’s highly acclaimed coaching and training programs: Complete Cross Country Training, The Training Model for HS Cross Country, Complete Middle Distance (800-1600) Training and The Training Model for HS Middle Distance (800-1600). This bundle is your ‘High School Distance Program in a Box’. Plus, you get lifetime Q&A access with Scott Christensen. Click the links for individual program info, but click ‘Add to Cart’ to order all 4 programs.

High School Middle Distance 2 Pack (Scott Christensen’s Middle Distance Digital Program Bundle)


Get immediate access to Scott Christensen’s amazing ‘Complete Program Design for HS Middle Distance aka ‘Training the Elite Junior Middle Distance Runner’ & ‘The Training Model for HS Middle Distance (800-1600)’ programs. Order these programs together and receive over $50 off the cost of buying each program individually! Click on the title of each program to learn more, but click on ‘Add to Cart’ to take advantage of the offer.

*TOP SELLER* Complete Speed Training for Sprinters (High School) with Latif Thomas


Discover How to Build Champion Track and Field Sprinters

CST2 – The Gold Standard for high school coaches who aren’t blessed with Division I talent, facilities or budgets. Created by a high school coach for high school coaches. If you’re interested in developing a working understanding of how to teach technique and implement quality workouts for your young 55m-400m runners in the short (i.e., not college length) season, then click here!

Complete Program Design for 400/600/800 Meter Runners with Ron Grigg (High School)

How to Coach Your 400/800 Runners.

Even the best coaches may have moments of uncertainty as they question their approach to training the 400/600/800 meter athlete. Given the demands of the events, and the varied strengths and weaknesses of the athletes who do well here, coaches have important decisions to make regarding training design. Once you have an understanding of what qualities to train and how to train them in isolation, then you can get creative in combining these qualities in unique ways shared in this program.

The Training Model for High School Middle Distance (800-1600) with Scott Christensen

Training Model for HS Middle Distance

“The Training Model for HS Middle Distance’ is designed for the coach to take the athlete from the first day of track practice to the last meet of the season.  The program is separated into five month long presentations, and the narration varies from 65-85 minutes as I present an individual slide on each workout and describe the science and application behind each activity in every training session.  I view this workout program as a farm-to-table cookbook where I not only give you all of the recipes,  but I also go into depth in describing each of the ingredients.”    - Scott Christensen

Complete Track & Field Conditioning for the Endurance Events (High School) with Scott Christensen


Discover a Proven Coaching and Training Resource Developed Specifically for Endurance Runners

The qualities and demands required for the distance events are as varied as the distances between races. If you don’t get it right, at best they’ll peak to early. At worst, you’ll run them right into a season ending overuse injury. To get the best results, you need to follow the system of a proven coach with years of success and experience coaching and training distance runners … click here for more from USTFCCCA Endurance Chair, Scott Christensen.

Multi Event Training & Practice Organization with Boo Schexnayder

How to efficiently plan training for multiple event groups at once.

 Coach Schexnayder’s newest program gives you a step by step blueprint for planning and organizing more effective and efficient practices when you coach multiple event groups (like sprints, hurdles *and* jumps) and have groups of athletes competing in multiple events groups. Ensure all athletes get appropriate training, no matter how many events they do! Learn more here…

Complete Technique & Teaching for the Jumping Events (High School, College) with Boo Schexnayder

Use this to eliminate cringe worthy jumps!

Elite jumps coach Boo Schexnayder has created a ‘must-have’ training package for anyone that coaches the jumps

How to develop speed, power and technique in your horizontal jumpers…from High School to the Olympic levels. This package includes 5 DVD’s covering; The Long Jump – Technique and Teaching, The Triple Jump – Technique and Teaching, The High Jump – Technique and Teaching, Exercises for Sports Performance Training and Weight Training for Speed, Power, and Sports Performance…Get the details here.

Exercises for Sports Performance Training (High School, College) with Boo Schexnayder


At last, you’ll never struggle to find appropriate drills and exercises for another jumps, sprints or hurdles practice again. (I’m not exaggerating!)

Order Boo Schexnayder’s Exercises for Sports Performance Training DVD, right now if you are looking for specific routines and exercise (this DVD has over 40 circuits and over 400 exercises)….click here to save time prepping for practice!

Weight Training for Speed, Power, and Sports Performance (High School, College) with Boo Schexnayder


Here’s How to Develop Strength, Power and Technique in Your Jumpers, Sprinters, Hurdlers and Throwers…from High School to the Elite Levels

To build a successful program, you must coach the weight room with the same intensity and expectation of technical execution you employ in every other part of practice.Coach Boo Schexnayder will show you how… in this DVD.