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Long Slow Running Builds Long Slow Sprinters

Many college coaches are perplexed with the short amount of time they are able to spend with their athletes during the fall months. Typically, coaches get to work with their sprinters and hurdlers for 6 to 8 hours per week, depending on their conference or other institutional factors. Though this time is limited, it is…… More

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“Take A Week Off”

Despite access to trainers who specialize in athletic healthcare, when athletes sustain injuries, they almost always turn to their primary care physician for diagnosis.  And the instruction is invariably the same no matter the injury… “Take a week off.” But some injuries require rehabilitation that includes a range of exercises to help push the recovery…… More

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As I often reflect on my days at the University of Houston, I can recall a number of valuable coaching lessons I learned while under the tutelage of Mike Takaha and Tom Tellez. The cue “fast relax” or floating, is a term I became all too familiar with as Takaha and Tellez shouted the phrase…… More

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Accelerate Daily

Student-athletes have returned from summer break, are settled into classes and are anxious about getting back on the track. Freshmen athletes are especially eager to begin their first collegiate season. The other day, one of the freshman athletes asked me, “When we will start doing speed work?”  I responded, “Speed workouts start the very first…… More

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Why even bother doing that drill?

Last week, I shared a new (to me) drill for teaching acceleration. However, since the athletes in the video displayed poor posture, poor mechanics (or both), there was some disagreement about the viability of the drill. And that brings us to an important teachable moment: You cannot separate reality from the observer. I may think…… More

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Cusano Hurdle Push Drill (video)

One idea I’ve been stressing to coaches this year is that workouts don’t teach the skill of acceleration (like this hurdle push drill does!). Or top end speed. Or sprinting in general. Instead, the ‘workouts’ we use in practice are the byproduct of specific skills we are trying to teach to our sprinters. This is…… More

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Workouts and Training During Breaks

For me, the holiday season or any extended break always brings about a sense of nervousness. It is less likely that I’ll worry if my wife will like the new pair of shoes I bought her, or how much snow I’ll have to shovel to clear the driveway.  What keeps me up at night is…… More

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The Circle of Truth

I have received a lot of great feedback and questions about sprint workouts and the Master Class on the 100m. One question that came up a few times pertained to “runs” early on in the season.  I was confused at first by these questions because sprinters go on runs every day.  As a matter of…… More

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How Tailwind Affects a Sprinter

In the wake of Hurricane Irene one of our volunteer assistant coaches asked me how I thought those 60-70mph winds that this storm created would help a sprinter in the 100m. We all know that a tailwind helps in a race.  However…he was amazed that I answered by saying that it all depended on an…… More

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Annual Plan for HS Sprinters

Where I live, the indoor track season starts four weeks from today. I’m equal parts excited and overwhelmed! I did my annual plan this weekend and it really helped me focus in on my goals for the season.  As the years go on, I’ve found that the more energy I put into my general annual plan,…… More

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Sprint Training – Energy Systems

Sprint Training – Energy Systems By Tony Veney At the beginning of each track season, you sit down and evaluate the returning and the incoming talent. The thoughts eventually shift to the top sprinters and the expectations we both have for the upcoming season. If girls or boys ran 12.5 or 11.0 last year, you…… More

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Sprinting Techniques

Sprinting Techniques By Latif Thomas Sprinting technique is all about power and efficiency. In a sport where ‘elite’ and ‘run of the mill’ athletes are separated by fractions of a second, getting the most out of an athlete’s ability is essential to success, from the youth through professional levels. How efficient an athlete’s running style…… More

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Save the date!

I’m excited! After countless meetings, emails and phone calls over the past 12 months, I’ve ‘signed’ who I  consider to be the best jumps coach in our sport: Boo Schexnayder! And two weeks from today, Monday October 17, we will be releasing his brand new horizontal jumps training resource here at Complete Track and Field.…… More

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Measuring What Matters Part 5 – Meet and Season Performance

Measuring What Matters Part 5 – Meet and Season Performance By Carl Valle With the short sprints, especially the 50-60m sprint, technical execution is a direct influence in performance, but many times the longer 200m event and the 100m performances are a result of program design. The calendar year and other factors such as meet…… More

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Why Usain Bolt Is So Fast

In past articles, I have discussed why stride length and stride frequency should never be taught directly. That they are byproducts of what really determines speed: The amount of force applied to the ground, as well as the length of time and the direction it is applied. To get a clearer understanding of what force…… More

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