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Why 10k Pace is Critical for 400/600/800m Athletes (Video)

 Ron Grigg’s ‘Complete Program Design for 400/600/800 Meter Athletes’ Planning training for our primary event 400/600/800m athletes comes down to finding the optimal mix of ‘speed’ and ‘endurance’ related training activities. In doing this dance, we also must be aware of the impact our own personal coaching bias plays in selecting various workout parameters. For…

The Key to Success in the Long Sprints: Speed Reserve

Developing a ‘speed reserve’ through a well designed speed development program is essential to success in the track & field sprint events, especially the ‘lactic acid’ events like 300m (especially for girls), 400m and 400h. Speed reserve is, essentially, the difference between an athlete’s maximum speed and their maximum aerobic speed. In many coaching situations,…

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