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Why 10k Pace is Critical for 400/600/800m Athletes (Video)

 Ron Grigg’s ‘Complete Program Design for 400/600/800 Meter Athletes’ Planning training for our primary event 400/600/800m athletes comes down to finding the optimal mix of ‘speed’ and ‘endurance’ related training activities. In doing this dance, we also must be aware of the impact our own personal coaching bias plays in selecting various workout parameters. For…… More

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Training the Thresholds

The summer months are an excellent time to review the scientific basics of the aerobic energy system training and reflect back on how your athletes performed last spring following their particular training program.  From the performance data sets of your athletes you can diagnostically check to see if you had them properly prepared for the…… More

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Do Not Neglect Speed and Speed Endurance Workouts

Modern training theory is invaluable in applying scientific research to the development of middle-distance runners.  Knowing how to set up training microcycles that include all of the necessary session components during a training phase is critical to progressive development.  Modern training theory does not suggest that training microcycles need to be seven days in length. …… More

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Measuring what Matters – Guidelines to Evaluating Practice Times

Part 1 Is Your Sprinter a Diva or a Rock Star? By Carl Valle The purpose of this article series is to break down the 100m sprint and 200m sprint events into four testing qualities; Acceleration, Maximal Speed, Speed Endurance, and some specific work capacity. While this series is focused on the short sprints, other…… More

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Q&A: Morning runs after a hard workout?

In addition to over 2.5 hours of excellent middle distance training information, Coach Christensen has agreed to answer training questions for anyone who invests in his program.  Preparing the Elite Junior Middle Distance Runner (800-1600m) Here is one he answered the other day. Question: Hi Coach! I thoroughly enjoyed your talk and handouts, etc. Regarding…… More

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Q&A: Tracking VO2 max + Using a 12 day Microcycle

  One of the benefits of Scott Christensen’s ‘Preparing the Elite Junior Middle Distance Runner 800/1600′ is the opportunity to get answers to your training questions when you have them. Here are a couple of good ones for you to think about: Jason S.: How do you figure an athletes VO2 Max, and how do…… More

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More answers to 800/1600 training questions

  What’s the main reason our Master Classes are different than other programs and resources you’ve seen online? Access to the coaches. When coaches agree to create Master Class curriculum, they agree to continue to answer customer questions as long as the program is still available. So you won’t be left on your own to…… More

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Sprints Q&A: Block settings, finishing races and 400m workouts

Here are answers to three training questions I received lately: Question #1: What is your view on right leg vs left leg forward/back in blocks? -T.H. MY ANSWER: My view on right leg v left leg in the blocks is pretty standard, I believe. Generally, left handed people have their right leg forward in the…… More

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Preparing the Elite Junior Middle Distance Runner (800-1600)

  A few months ago I sent a survey asking for your questions about training middle distance runners. I took those responses and sent them to 14 year USATF Level II Lead Instructor Scott Christensen. He created an excellent new program, running over 2 hours and 35 minutes, called ‘Preparing the Elite Junior Middle Distance…… More

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