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Race Modeling

  Over the 37 years of my coaching career, I have had the good and bad fortune to have mentors who have filled my coaching data base with a litany of training approaches to make my sprint/hurdlers the best they can be. The good part was in the form of drills, workouts and “mother-wit” (Tony…… More

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Top 6 Sprint Hurdle Training Parameters

With hurdle training, before you decide how fast you want your hurdler to run in 2014, you need to determine what is necessary in order to drop from 15.50 to 14.65, or 17.00 to 15.70. Look at your annual track schedule and decide how many races you expect your hurdler to run for the year.…… More

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“Working the Dirt”

The 100 meter and 110 meter hurdle events must be thought of as sprint events, and not an event where you dump the slow kids. So don’t fill your hurdles crew with those young people who were not able to make your top three or four flat 100-200 meter sprinters. Since pure acceleration, acceleration, transition…… More

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Specific Development Drills for the Sprint Hurdles

Since the Fall of 2011, I have presented what I believe is a comprehensive approach to developing young and experienced 100 and 110 meter sprint hurdles. The Hurdle Master Class through has given me the platform to show that any girl or boy able to run the flat 100 meters in 14 and 12…… More

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Sprint Hurdle 101

In this prep for the Master class, we are going to cover the basics of what hurdling is and what hurdling isn’t. First, hurdling is not gathering together everyone that isn’t fast enough to run the short sprints or gain a spot on the 4×100 relay. If you will avoid this first No-No, you will…… More

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Annual Planning for High School Hurdlers (Part II)

In Part One of the annual planning for your high school hurdlers; I covered 8 questions that every hurdle coach should be concerned with as they plan for the coming track season. In part two I will cover how to model the hurdle race so your boy or girl will go into each race ready…… More

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Annual Planning for High School Hurdlers (Part I)

Since the high school track season in some states can be as short as 11-12 weeks, the purpose of this article is to assist those coaches who struggle with organizing their high school hurdler  annual plan. The first part of this article will ask questions:   How long is your high school hurdler’s season? The number of…… More

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Speed Endurance for the Sprint Hurdles

Every sprint race has a period where the ability to hold off the effects of fatigue hurts overall performance. In the 100 meter and 100 meter sprint hurdle races, the transition from acceleration, to top end and speed endurance are almost identical. Both races hit max velocity at almost the same location in sub-elite and…… More

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Sprints & Hurdles Programs (on sale this week only)

If you coach the sprints and/or hurdles and you’re looking to up your game this spring, here is a list of the sprint programs and hurdles programs we have on sale this week. I listed them with the highest selling (number of units sold in 2012) programs first, so you can get a sense of…… More

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Coaching the Dual Hurdler

Having been a high school, community college, and 4-year coach at all three levels, I have had to deal with the dilemma surrounding how to make the best use of the dual hurdler, the hurdler who can go both ways. If your boys or girl can run 14.1 in the highs but can’t bust a…… More

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