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Archives for coaching middle distance

Fatigue, Part 2 – The Anaerobic Alactic Energy System

Information presented in the first section on fatigue during exercise (Part 1 Fatigue-Energetics) pointed out the importance of beginning every discussion on energy system metabolism with knowledge of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and its role in muscle contraction.  Humans have evolved using three metabolic energy systems for their daily activities which may range from lifting a…

The Macrocycle (Middle Distance Annual Plan)

Training design is the tool middle-distance coaches use to implement accepted and contemporary training theory.  Basically, it is a scheme for designing and scheduling various blocks of time in an attempt to accomplish appropriate developmental activities during specific portions of the athlete’s training plan.  These blocks of time vary from one year, which is the annual…

Dissecting Elite-Level Workouts

Training theory is a fascinating point of discussion for most middle-distance coaches.  These conversations can vary from something as simple as typical microcycle mileage to something as detailed as workout construction.  There is no doubt that there are “many roads to Rome” in the journey to getting a talented middle-distance runner into top physical condition. …

Mid D & Distance Coaches (Endurance Programs on sale this week)

Middle distance and distance coaches – you know how difficult it can be to find applicable training information from successful HIGH SCHOOL endurance coaches. And you also know that running a successful middle/distance program requires an increasingly sophisticated understanding of not only how to develop an aerobic base, but how to play with special endurance…