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Race Modeling

  Over the 37 years of my coaching career, I have had the good and bad fortune to have mentors who have filled my coaching data base with a litany of training approaches to make my sprint/hurdlers the best they can be. The good part was in the form of drills, workouts and “mother-wit” (Tony…… More

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Get Your 800m Runners onto the 4x400m Relay

I always enjoy picking the brains of my colleagues and other aspiring coaches.  Luckily I work with some fantastic coaches in the sport, like our middle distance coach Tim Bayley.  He was an All American in the 800m at Iona College with a personal best of 1:46. Tim’s middle distance crew had an amazing indoor…… More

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“Take A Week Off”

Despite access to trainers who specialize in athletic healthcare, when athletes sustain injuries, they almost always turn to their primary care physician for diagnosis.  And the instruction is invariably the same no matter the injury… “Take a week off.” But some injuries require rehabilitation that includes a range of exercises to help push the recovery…… More

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“Your Focus Needs More Focus”

Each year I notice that midway through the indoor season the focus of the sprints group starts to dwindle. After the initial excitement of getting acclimated to the team setting and traveling to meets fades, athletes have adapted to a routine that might not seem as appealing as before. But this time of the season…… More

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Science vs Art

What is the difference between the science vs art of coaching? The science of coaching consists of understanding workouts, progressions, biomechanics, energy systems and other essential factors that influence ones ability to teach. The art of coaching encompasses more depth and understanding of an athlete’s emotions, external stress levels and a host of other social…… More

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Accelerate Daily

Student-athletes have returned from summer break, are settled into classes and are anxious about getting back on the track. Freshmen athletes are especially eager to begin their first collegiate season. The other day, one of the freshman athletes asked me, “When we will start doing speed work?”  I responded, “Speed workouts start the very first…… More

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Sprints & Hurdles Programs (on sale this week only)

If you coach the sprints and/or hurdles and you’re looking to up your game this spring, here is a list of the sprint programs and hurdles programs we have on sale this week. I listed them with the highest selling (number of units sold in 2012) programs first, so you can get a sense of…… More

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Measuring what Matters Part 3- Maximal Speed

Measuring what Matters Part 3- Maximal Speed By Carl Valle The 100m and 200m sprint events are more maximally speed related, and measuring improvement year to year can shed some light on actual progress in training that meet performance may not be able to provide.  It is widely accepted that the ultimate test is the competition…… More

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