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See the Best of this Weekend’s Complete Track and Field Clinic

As you may know, this weekend is the 4th Annual Complete Track and Field Clinic, which is held at Harvard University. This year we have 450+ athletes and coaches (from 5 countries), 40+ clinicians (and 20 additional support staff) coming in. Because I’m so excited about the event, the quality of our staff and the amount of preparation…… More

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5 Upgrades to This Year’s Summer Track and Field Clinic

After each season, successful coaches assess their results and make appropriate changes to their planning to ensure better results next year. We apply the same philosophy to our summer track and field clinic. It’s not our style to sit back and run the same exact event we did last year just because it was successful.…… More

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How to Choose a Track and Field Camp or Clinic

Every track and field camp or clinic boasts an amazing experience and a staff teaching drills so life changing every athlete will qualify for Olympic Trials after they attend. So how do you pick the right event for your needs or the needs of your athletes? Consider these 5 elements of every track and field…… More

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2 Major Changes to the 2014 Clinic

I don’t know any good coaches who run the same system year after year. And we’d be doing you a disservice if we ran the same clinic each year, regardless of how successful and well received our event. One of the concerns people have when considering attending/sending athletes to our clinic is the sheer number…… More

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2014 Complete Track & Field Clinic Update!

Believe it or not, we’re set to open up registrations for the 2014 Complete Track and Field Summer Clinic to be held at Harvard University on July 19-20, 2014. Each year the event sells out earlier and earlier and we expect spots to go even faster this year since we will be setting a hard…… More

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Important Summer Clinic Update – Part I

Here are answers to a bunch of questions you probably have about the clinic, as well as answers to questions you didn’t reallize you have… 1. Send in your medical waivers or no soup for you! WARNING: If you already sent them in via email/snail mail/fax, for the love of all that is good and…… More

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Want to get noticed by these coaches?

Most high school athletes have no idea what to do to get noticed by college coaches. Too many people falsely believe that if they have good performances, coaches will automatically figure out who they are and will be recruiting them. But, that’s not how it works. You have to actively market and promote yourself in…… More

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Major Summer Clinic Update! (4/22/13)

We have a lot of new information to share with you today. Some of it is only being confirmed as I log into work this morning so I’m posting this before we’ve even added all the new info to the site. Bottom line: This clinic is going to be pretty bad ass!   Update #1:…… More

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How to Get Recruited by College Coaches

I get a lot of questions from athletes and parents about how to get recruited and get in front of college coaches. And I talk to a lot of college coaches who are amazed at how clueless HS coaches, athletes and parents are about the entire process. (I would tell some stories, but I don’t…… More

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Coaches & Parents: Go to this clinic

Generally, when you imagine a summer track & field clinic, you assume it is for athletes. And the primary focus of the 2012 Complete Track & Field Summer Clinic is helping the athletes. However, we’ve designed the event for coaches (and parent coaches) as well. Here is how our clinic is different than all the…… More

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Why I won’t be coaching at the 2012 CTF Summer Clinic

By now, you’re well aware of how much people enjoyed last year’s clinic. And if you haven’t signed up yet, you only have two weeks to register before we have to jack up the price and/or shut down certain event groups. (Session I: Sprints for example) But, the more I work on setting up the…… More

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What is The Best Way to train 400m runners?

Within the world of 400m coaching, there lies a spectrum of viable approaches we can take to elicit respectable performances out of our sprinters, regardless of age, gender or innate talent level, especially when you want to train 400m runners. Combine my lack of belief in concepts like ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ with being hypercompetitive well…… More

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What the hell is a ‘wicket drill’? (Video)

Last week I shared the Cusano Drill, an acceleration drill using hurdles that I like to use with large groups. And we got into a good discussion about whether drills are worth using when athlete don’t do them right. But the truth is that most of our sprinters spend most of their races trying to…… More

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