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[Video] You’re Fired #5: Sacred Cows of Track and Field (NSFW)

After watching one of my relays get screwed and DQ’d at each of the last two All State Championship meets, deductive logic tells me one of the following must be true: 1. I’m an incompetent relays coach. 2. Some officials don’t know what they’re doing and/or have a vendetta against certain teams and/or coaches. #1…

The Path to Becoming a Professional Track and Field Athlete?

Over the coming months, CTF will be expanding and evolving in a number of directions I believe will contribute to improving the sport as a whole, as well as enhancing the experiences of athletes and coaches. We will continue to place our primary emphasis on coaches and athletes competing at the developmental levels. But, that…

How to Fix a Lazy Hurdle Trail Leg

If you attend clinics and seminars with any degree of regularity, you know that some of the best information gets shared between sessions and at the social when talking shop with presenters and other coaches. That’s why I think the Q&A aspect of Coach Veney’s new Advanced Hurdle Development program is extremely underrated. Today, I’m…

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