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Acceleration Progression – Working from the Top Down

Over the summer I’ve had the opportunity to both have my questions answered by some of the best colleagues and friends a coach could ask for and also to answer a few questions myself as well.  One round of questions from a fellow coach that recently caught my eye was in regards to acceleration.  I…… More

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Coaching the National Record Holder at 1600m

In the spring of 2013, Complete Track & Field Endurance Guru Scott Christensen coached one of his athletes to the Freshman National Record at 1600m. Suffice to say, Scott does *work* when it comes to developing top shelf middle distance, distance and cross country athletes. Take a look at a news story done about Scott’s…… More

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3 Coaching Lessons for (Young) Coaches

This past weekend I had the opportunity to speak at the 40th New England Track and Field Coaches Clinic for the second time. Somehow I snuck my way into the same group of speakers as Renaldo Nehemiah, Jack Daniels (the coach!), Harvey Glance, Keith McDermott (three cheers for the work he did to get $4…… More

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How to Fix a Lazy Hurdle Trail Leg

If you attend clinics and seminars with any degree of regularity, you know that some of the best information gets shared between sessions and at the social when talking shop with presenters and other coaches. That’s why I think the Q&A aspect of Coach Veney’s new Advanced Hurdle Development program is extremely underrated. Today, I’m…… More

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Learn This at the Summer Clinic (Heavy vs Light Sled Pulls)

If you study speed development based resistance training, you’ve no doubt read the standard line, espoused by many, to ‘never use more than 10% of bodyweight’ when doing sled pulls. The logic is that any more resistance than that will compromise acceleration mechanics making the drill not only ineffective, but counterproductive. Well, the other day…… More

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8th Anniversary Sale! Lowest Prices of the Year!

We’re celebrating our 8th Anniversary as a company this week and that means, for this week only, you can get all of our resources at the lowest prices of the year. ==> Complete Track & Field 8th Anniversary Sale I think you know how a sale works so I’ll just stick to the relevant points…… More

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3 Ways Track & Field Can Save Itself From Complete Irrelevance

Let’s face it: The sport of track and field is, well, a joke. I’ve never had a conversation with a single soul, living or dead, who has said, with a straight face, “Wow. Track and field. There’s a sport that’s really got its act together. ” I love track and field. Obviously. But you’re about 50…… More

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Decide the fate of Complete Track and Field

We want to make Complete Track and Field the first place you go when you want to work on becoming a better coach. The more you tell us about yourself, what you like about the site and don’t like about the site, as well as what you want to see, hear and learn when you…… More

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