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The Secretions of a Winner

It has been jokingly said that 83% of statistics are made up on the spot in conversation.  Coaches do this all the time, as they say such things as: “give me 110% effort today” (huh?), “slow the second lap down to 95%” (again, huh?), or the classic line; “sports is 90% psychological and 10% physical”. …… More

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Finishing the Race

  One of the most frustrating aspects of analyzing cross country running training is the post-race reflection of an athlete’s sub par performance.  Even the really great performances have something sour that catches the coaches’ critical eye.  As in any analytical, cause-result relationship, the result is more obvious than the cause.  One of the more…… More

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Aerobic Capacity and Aerobic Power

  There are several critical aspects to aerobic fitness in all endurance sports, including cross country running in particular. For instance, aerobic capacity is an important factor, and is defined as the maximal oxygen intake in liters per minute for an athlete. It is a true measure of individual work intensity, and its measured value…… More

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Maintaining Fitness throughout the Championship Season

The championship season in high school cross country can be a long and drawn out affair in the United States.  The time period between state sectional meets and the Footlocker Championship race can last up to eight weeks for some runners.  Maintaining fitness, both aerobic and anaerobic, is critical to racing success, yet energy systems…… More

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Hydration and Carbohydrate Replacement

While distance runners should be concerned about fluid replacement every day that they are in training, the summer heat puts these concerns at the top of the list.  Like so many issues in sport training there is no shortage of anecdotal information about hydration, and then there is the scientific research.  The goal is to…… More

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Performance Comparison in Endurance Athletes

After the race or key workout is over, it is time for an athlete performance comparison by the endurance coach.  All too frequently coaches simply analyze performance on the basis of what they have witnessed their athletes did in regard to pacing, strategy, placing order, and how the final time compares with past efforts in…… More

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Daily Use of a Sports Psychology Tool

For the most part coaches interact with the athletes they coach by using the herd mentality.  The herd (training group) is seated in front of the coach, with similar words of greeting spoken to each, and then the same workout is explained to all.  Usually time is short, and athletes are many, so more personal…… More

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Hill Training for Cross Country Runners

Winter and summer training periods are the ideal time in the annual plan to develop effective hill racing skills and to use various forms of hill training to develop strength in cross country runners.  Most geographical locations in the United States possess ideal physical changes in topography which are suitable for hill tactics and training. …… More

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Race Strategy and Tactics for the Endurance Events: 800 – 5000 meters

In track and field and cross country, the race is the assessment tool that endurance coaches use to determine the present day fitness of their athletes.  Race performance is a complex cumulative blend of various physiological variables as well as known and unknown factors that hinder or help race performance on the psychological side of…… More

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