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See the Best of this Weekend’s Complete Track and Field Clinic

As you may know, this weekend is the 4th Annual Complete Track and Field Clinic, which is held at Harvard University. This year we have 450+ athletes and coaches (from 5 countries), 40+ clinicians (and 20 additional support staff) coming in. Because I’m so excited about the event, the quality of our staff and the amount of preparation…… More

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What’s in Your Tool Box?

By Dave Cusano I pose this question to every coach everywhere. We can all understand training philosophy, training theory, physiology, biomechanics and motor learning. We can purchase DVDs, go to conferences and even get certified. But… Do we know what’s in our very own tool box? What, exactly, is your tool box? It’s the training…… More

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Why even bother doing that drill?

Last week, I shared a new (to me) drill for teaching acceleration. However, since the athletes in the video displayed poor posture, poor mechanics (or both), there was some disagreement about the viability of the drill. And that brings us to an important teachable moment: You cannot separate reality from the observer. I may think…… More

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Cusano Hurdle Push Drill (video)

One idea I’ve been stressing to coaches this year is that workouts don’t teach the skill of acceleration (like this hurdle push drill does!). Or top end speed. Or sprinting in general. Instead, the ‘workouts’ we use in practice are the byproduct of specific skills we are trying to teach to our sprinters. This is…… More

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