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Commonality Based Coaching

  What is a Commonality?    Simply put, a commonality is something two things have in common. In track and field coaching, the commonalities we are concerned with are shared skills and movements. There are two types of commonalities we’ll discuss here, intraevent commonalities and interevent commonalities. Intraevent Commonalities.  Intraevent commonalities are technical features and movement…… More

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Developing the HS Sprinter/Hurdler/Jumper

Last winter, when I spoke at the Ohio Association of Track and Cross Country Coaches annual clinic, one of my talks was about how to effectively coach the kid who competes in the sprints, hurdles and jumps — a sprinter/hurdler/jumper. Or, at the very least, more than one event group. Chances are that your athletes,…… More

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The best coaching resource on

Obviously we have the top notch coaching resource here at Complete Track & Field. But, what if I could only pick *one*? Which one is ‘the best’? Well, if you only coach sprinters, it’s CST2. If you’re like me, however, and you’re responsible for sprints (55-400), hurdles (55-400) and jumps (LJ, TJ, HJ) and strength…… More

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