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Running Cadence

It is well known by scientists through academic studies, and with coaches working in the field, that the two measurable factors that determine speed of performance in an endurance runner are stride length and stride frequency. A common term for stride frequency is cadence, and this word refers to the rate of leg gait cycling…… More

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Maintaining Fitness throughout the Championship Season

The championship season in high school cross country can be a long and drawn out affair in the United States.  The time period between state sectional meets and the Footlocker Championship race can last up to eight weeks for some runners.  Maintaining fitness, both aerobic and anaerobic, is critical to racing success, yet energy systems…… More

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Winter Development in Cross Country Training

Exercise physiologist like to reduce athletic performance ability to five physical skills that are a product of the athlete’s genome, age and cross country training development.  Coaches have accepted this reductionism viewpoint and have described these five skills as “bio-motor” skills.  While the word bio-motor has no true scientific definition, both coaches and physiologists understand…… More

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The Oxygen Deficit Curve: The Limiter of Mid-Distance Performance

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules are reduced and then regenerated constantly to facilitate skeletal muscle contractions.  The amount of ATP that goes through this process is astonishing.  David Costill Ph D, estimated that in the running of a marathon, an athlete will reduce and then regenerate, a quantity of ATP molecules equivalent to their full body…… More

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3 Reasons You Need This Cross Country Program

So, I’m primarily a sprints/hurdles/jumps guy. I’m not trying to fool anyone into believing otherwise. But I’m also a track nerd, so I like to learn about everything. And, in my experience, the following three things most likely apply to you in some fashion: Reason #1: You run too slow, too often Distance coaches love…… More

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