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Top 5 Posts of the Week (4/12-4/18)

If I send out too many emails, people start losing their minds. So, unless you visit the site a few times a week, you’re missing some great (free) information. Here, then, are the Top 5 Most Viewed posts from over the last 7 days: 5: Speed Training Starts Early by Marc Mangiacotti (Harvard University)…… More

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Set Up Your High Jump Approach

Does anyone know HOW to set up the curved approach???    The modern high jump approach makes the jumper run in a distinctive shape along the track surface toward the pit, akin to the letter “J”.  By the end of this, you should know how to set up a base line for all your high jumpers’…… More

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Special Considerations for the High Jump Approach

Importance of the High Jump Approach When projected into flight, the center of mass of any object (including the human body) follows a predetermined, predictable, unalterable parabolic curve. Thus, establishment of the proper flight path is totally dependent upon proper force application during ground contact. Since all takeoff forces (including eccentric forces) are applied while…… More

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Is ‘back arch’ important in the high jump?

Normally we equate a large degree of back arch as a beneficial element of ‘over the bar’ mechanics in the high jump. And by ‘we’ I mean ‘I’ because that is what I thought. But as I was watching Boo Schexnayder’s High Jump Technique and Teaching DVD, he said something quite different. When I posted…… More

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Ask Boo your high jump questions

As you know, Coach Schexnayder recently released a series of DVDs dedicated, in large part, to the horizontal jumps. This has led to many questions along the lines of: “But, what about high jump questions?” Well, my friend, ask and you shall receive. Boo is currently working on a high jump program. It will be similar to…… More

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