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See the Best of this Weekend’s Complete Track and Field Clinic

As you may know, this weekend is the 4th Annual Complete Track and Field Clinic, which is held at Harvard University. This year we have 450+ athletes and coaches (from 5 countries), 40+ clinicians (and 20 additional support staff) coming in. Because I’m so excited about the event, the quality of our staff and the amount of preparation…… More

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New Articles – September 24 – October 1 (2013)

I have several new (and CTF exclusive) articles for you today so I’m just going to jump right into it since they cover multiple events and topics. First, if you missed my email last week, Complete Track and Field is under new ownership. This means a number of new changes are in the works. Please…… More

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Top 5 Sandbag Training Exercises

No Funding? No Problem! Here are my Top 5 (Homemade) Sandbag Training Exercises for teams committed to getting stronger…even with tight budgets! You find yourself in this position every year. You go to your AD and present him with your list of needs for the season. Your old uniforms are looking a little tattered and…… More

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