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Identification and Prioritization of Your Training Themes – Part 2

PART 2 – Terminology Now that we have identified the paces available to us, let’s create a system of terminology that can help us prioritize those training paces as they relate to any primary event.  The philosophies of Lyle Knudson, Tom Schwartz and Steve Magness have heavily influenced my perception of classifying training.  I have…… More

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400m Training Q&A – Part II

Today I’m answering more common questions about 400m training for high school runners. If you missed my first video, click here. Before you play today’s video, I’d like to apologize in advance for, truly, two of the worst jokes I’ve ever made, as well as my reaction to them. As well as for not editing…… More

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The ‘Missing Link’ in your HS Long Sprints (200,300,400) program?

The biggest mistake high school ‘long sprints’ coaches make is wasting time and energy searching for solutions to problems that don’t exist. You can write the most beautiful annual plan or the most individualized and specific workouts the universe has ever known. But, if your sprinters secretly hate the 400, fear the 400 and/or don’t…… More

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