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Top 5 Posts of the Week (4/12-4/18)

If I send out too many emails, people start losing their minds. So, unless you visit the site a few times a week, you’re missing some great (free) information. Here, then, are the Top 5 Most Viewed posts from over the last 7 days: 5: Speed Training Starts Early by Marc Mangiacotti (Harvard University)…… More

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Set Up Your High Jump Approach

Does anyone know HOW to set up the curved approach???    The modern high jump approach makes the jumper run in a distinctive shape along the track surface toward the pit, akin to the letter “J”.  By the end of this, you should know how to set up a base line for all your high jumpers’…… More

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The Top 3 Articles, Programs & Answers of November 2013

I understand you may not have time to catch everything that we post on during the course of the month. So, today I’m doing a quick(ish) recap since you probably missed some stuff you’d be interested in. Below are ‘The Top 3 of November 2013′ for the following categories: 3 Most Popular Articles, 3…… More

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Speed Endurance Workouts For Jumpers & Combo Sprinter/Jumpers

  Jumping events are defined as acceleration to an optimal speed, followed by an attempt to maintain the highest level of that velocity through the point of takeoff. Speed Endurance workouts gives jumpers the confidence and capacity to challenge the intensities they use in competitions.  But what do speed endurance workouts for jumpers look like? …… More

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New Articles – September 24 – October 1 (2013)

I have several new (and CTF exclusive) articles for you today so I’m just going to jump right into it since they cover multiple events and topics. First, if you missed my email last week, Complete Track and Field is under new ownership. This means a number of new changes are in the works. Please…… More

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Drill Progressions for Jumpers (Early Season)

Early Season Technical Development As much as we like to think the opposite, I assume athletes don’t participate in many organized activities. Most of our track and field athletes are working on their general fitness during the summertime. I looked to my favorite hip-hop artist, Joe Budden, for inspiration. When beginning my annual training plan,…… More

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Good vs Bad Triple Jump

Today, Complete Track & Field Clinic Jumps Leader Reuben Jones shares a video breaking down what ‘bad’ triple jump looks like and what ‘good’ triple jump looks like. He also explains common errors to look for, as well as what quality execution looks like. Plus, he uses a 43’4 female triple jumper as his demo…… More

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Learn This at the Summer Clinic (Heavy vs Light Sled Pulls)

If you study speed development based resistance training, you’ve no doubt read the standard line, espoused by many, to ‘never use more than 10% of bodyweight’ when doing sled pulls. The logic is that any more resistance than that will compromise acceleration mechanics making the drill not only ineffective, but counterproductive. Well, the other day…… More

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