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Performance Diagnostics

Middle distance coaches should be constantly analyzing the race day performances of runners in their training group for both good tactics and physiological strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, racing performance will improve more dramatically by developing and improving physiological weaknesses rather than improving already developed strengths.   Both the aerobic energy system and the anaerobic energy…

3 Factors More Important Than the ‘Workouts’ You Write

Obviously the ‘workouts’ we prescribe are important to the success of our athletes. But, I’ve said it countless times: My ability to ‘write workouts’ is absolutely not why I’m successful at coaching. I think that’s particularly evident these days. Today I want to share 3 new (and excellent) posts that will make coaches and athletes…

The Twelve Day Training Microcycle

Understanding the principles of training theory is an important aspect of training middle distance runners. Training theory applies the laws of the natural world to the domain of athletics so that coaches do not have to rely on hope, belief, and trial or error in setting up a sequential training plan for their athletes. Training…

Aerobic Power Training

Documented training schemes designed to improve aerobic power velocitym (vVO2 max) in distance runners were first described by the Soviet Sports Institute in the 1970’s. Besides the Eastern Bloc countries, one of the athletics organizations to quickly pick up on the training concept was the British Milers Club in the early 1980’s. Frank Horwill and…

Aerobic Power Principles

Aerobic power is considered a good measure of aerobic fitness. Commonly known as VO2 max, it is useful for the running coach to determine what velocity is associated with present day aerobic power development in an athlete at that moment in time. Once the vVO2 max is determined it can be used to structure aerobic…

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