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3 Ways to Avoid Shin Splints

  Sooner or later, shin splints will rear their ugly little faces. If you’re lucky, it’ll only hit a few athletes. If not, you’ll have a group full of kids whose legs are pudding. If you’re blessed with living in a cold weather environment where you’re stuck in hallways all winter, you have a 1253%…… More

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(Video) Answers to Popular 400m Training Questions

When I set out to create a program built around training high school 400m runners, I sent out a survey to ask coaches specifically what you want to know. Below is a video of me answering the first 10 of those questions. Below that is the question I  posed. And below that are the specific…… More

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What To Do With Your Walking Wounded

I have been coaching long enough to understand that in athletics injury is inevitable. The repetitive motion of running and contact with multiple surfaces can increase the rate of injuries among sprinters.  As a sprints coach I am sure you have encountered common injuries such as shin splints, stress fractures and pulled muscles. When I…… More

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