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Speed Training Starts Early

A coach once accused me of being one of those “speed coaches” who does speed work all year round. Initially, I didn’t know if he was insulting my coaching style or if he was just curious to know more about speed work. “I resent that remark,” was my response, before I began to school him…… More

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Speed Endurance Workouts For Jumpers & Combo Sprinter/Jumpers

  Jumping events are defined as acceleration to an optimal speed, followed by an attempt to maintain the highest level of that velocity through the point of takeoff. Speed Endurance workouts gives jumpers the confidence and capacity to challenge the intensities they use in competitions.  But what do speed endurance workouts for jumpers look like? …… More

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Speed Endurance for the Sprint Hurdles

Every sprint race has a period where the ability to hold off the effects of fatigue hurts overall performance. In the 100 meter and 100 meter sprint hurdle races, the transition from acceleration, to top end and speed endurance are almost identical. Both races hit max velocity at almost the same location in sub-elite and…… More

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