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Top 5 Posts of the Week (4/12-4/18)

If I send out too many emails, people start losing their minds. So, unless you visit the site a few times a week, you’re missing some great (free) information. Here, then, are the Top 5 Most Viewed posts from over the last 7 days: 5: Speed Training Starts Early by Marc Mangiacotti (Harvard University)…… More

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Speed Training Starts Early

A coach once accused me of being one of those “speed coaches” who does speed work all year round. Initially, I didn’t know if he was insulting my coaching style or if he was just curious to know more about speed work. “I resent that remark,” was my response, before I began to school him…… More

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Long Slow Running Builds Long Slow Sprinters

Many college coaches are perplexed with the short amount of time they are able to spend with their athletes during the fall months. Typically, coaches get to work with their sprinters and hurdlers for 6 to 8 hours per week, depending on their conference or other institutional factors. Though this time is limited, it is…… More

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5 Easy Ways to Use Weight Training to Develop Speed and Power

Track and field is quite simply speed and power quantified. Nearly ever event (aside from the distance events) reward athletes that are faster and create more force faster than their opponents. Even athletes that are not competing for state championships or all-american status, are comparing their current speed and power to what they were formerly…… More

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“Take A Week Off”

Despite access to trainers who specialize in athletic healthcare, when athletes sustain injuries, they almost always turn to their primary care physician for diagnosis.  And the instruction is invariably the same no matter the injury… “Take a week off.” But some injuries require rehabilitation that includes a range of exercises to help push the recovery…… More

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3 Reasons to get CST2 today (besides free shipping!)

As you know, we’re offering free shipping on all of our CTF resources all week, including Complete Speed Training 2 (CST2). And, where I live, yesterday was the first day of our indoor track season. With snow in today’s forecast, I’m already forced to modify my  plan for the day. And that means changing the…… More

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Accelerate Daily

Student-athletes have returned from summer break, are settled into classes and are anxious about getting back on the track. Freshmen athletes are especially eager to begin their first collegiate season. The other day, one of the freshman athletes asked me, “When we will start doing speed work?”  I responded, “Speed workouts start the very first…… More

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3 Reasons Sprinters Fall Apart at the End of Races

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of attending a 6 hour freshman/sophomore meet. The meet was very well run, it was just, you know, a 6 hour freshman/sophomore meet. I can’t tell you how many times I watched sprinters fall apart at the end of races. So, I’m standing there, minding my own business and…… More

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Why even bother doing that drill?

Last week, I shared a new (to me) drill for teaching acceleration. However, since the athletes in the video displayed poor posture, poor mechanics (or both), there was some disagreement about the viability of the drill. And that brings us to an important teachable moment: You cannot separate reality from the observer. I may think…… More

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Cusano Hurdle Push Drill (video)

One idea I’ve been stressing to coaches this year is that workouts don’t teach the skill of acceleration (like this hurdle push drill does!). Or top end speed. Or sprinting in general. Instead, the ‘workouts’ we use in practice are the byproduct of specific skills we are trying to teach to our sprinters. This is…… More

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Sprints & Hurdles Programs (on sale this week only)

If you coach the sprints and/or hurdles and you’re looking to up your game this spring, here is a list of the sprint programs and hurdles programs we have on sale this week. I listed them with the highest selling (number of units sold in 2012) programs first, so you can get a sense of…… More

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Strength & Power Development (programs on sale this week only)

We have programs on sale this week — and you can’t get faster if you don’t get stronger. You can’t jump higher or farther if you don’t get stronger. Sure you can make improvements from cleaning up mechanics, posture and technique. But there’s a very low glass ceiling if that’s where you spend all of…… More

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Jump Runs

It’s time for midterms in the wonderful world of coaching. Each semester, athletes are busy preparing for major exams and their schedules change.  The combination of stress and lack of sleep impel most athletes to request alternative practice times, or the day off, to prepare for these grueling examinations.  I have always preached the importance…… More

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Workouts and Training During Breaks

For me, the holiday season or any extended break always brings about a sense of nervousness. It is less likely that I’ll worry if my wife will like the new pair of shoes I bought her, or how much snow I’ll have to shovel to clear the driveway.  What keeps me up at night is…… More

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Most Important Word in Speed Training

I recently heard Dan Pfaff talk about acceleration being a ‘complicated neuromuscular equation’ in speed training. I recently heard Boo Schexnayder say acceleration is about finding the ‘resonant frequency of oscillary patterns’ in terms of developing and improving the efficiency of locomotive mechanics. I recently heard Gary Winckler say, “90% of speed development is technique.”…… More

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