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Plyometric / Bounding Drill Progressions

  The use of plyometrics / bounding is fundamental to the training programs for jumpers and sprinters.  Using them constructively and through periodization (seasonal and organized phases) will enhance performance and reduce the risks of injury. From basic through advanced training, novice to elite athletes can progress (using plyo’s) in any event requiring speed and…… More

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Long Slow Running Builds Long Slow Sprinters

Many college coaches are perplexed with the short amount of time they are able to spend with their athletes during the fall months. Typically, coaches get to work with their sprinters and hurdlers for 6 to 8 hours per week, depending on their conference or other institutional factors. Though this time is limited, it is…… More

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What the hell is a ‘wicket drill’? (Video)

Last week I shared the Cusano Drill, an acceleration drill using hurdles that I like to use with large groups. And we got into a good discussion about whether drills are worth using when athlete don’t do them right. But the truth is that most of our sprinters spend most of their races trying to…… More

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Track Season 2012: Week 1 of 13

Ah, yes! Track season! Simultaneously the source of great fun and great overwhelm. I’ve already posted my annual plan for the track season. But I thought I’d share my Week 1 microcycle. This is my plan for the first week of practice. Will it go this way? Not likely. But since I know the physiological effect…… More

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