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Running Cadence

It is well known by scientists through academic studies, and with coaches working in the field, that the two measurable factors that determine speed of performance in an endurance runner are stride length and stride frequency. A common term for stride frequency is cadence, and this word refers to the rate of leg gait cycling…… More

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The Human Stride

   The human foot is designed to only do two things, propel the body forward and absorb the shock of doing so.  The center of mass of the body must balance itself on a broad, saddle-shaped pelvis that distributes the weight of the organism equally on either side of the sagittal plane straight down to…… More

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Why Usain Bolt Is So Fast

In past articles, I have discussed why stride length and stride frequency should never be taught directly. That they are byproducts of what really determines speed: The amount of force applied to the ground, as well as the length of time and the direction it is applied. To get a clearer understanding of what force…… More

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Young Sprinters Struggle with Erectile Dysfunction

Young Sprinters Struggle with Erectile Dysfunction by Marc Mangiacotti, Brown University Sprints/Hurdles   As soon as you read “erectile dysfunction” you probably thought about a problem some men have as they grow older.  For them…there is a blue pill to help fix their dilemma.  Young sprinters struggle with a different type of erectile dysfunction. Youngsters…… More

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Don’t teach this…

I was on the phone last night with Brown University sprints/hurdles coach Marc Mangiacotti. He had just returned from his Conference Championship where he got some outstanding results with his sprinters and hurdlers. His top sprinter (a freshman) had won both the 100 and 200 with personal bests. Ultimately, his success came down to finally…… More

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