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Archives for Torque

Upper Body Mechanics in the Throws

Biomechanical Concerns.  When we examine upper body activity on the throwing events, we are concerned with six key realms. They are lengthening the rotational path of the implement, delaying the upper body movements, turning, maintaining positional relationships, the sweep/block, and the strike.   Lengthening the Rotational Path of the Implement Closed Shoulders.  During the delivery,…

Lower Body Mechanics in the Throws

Complete Teaching Progressions for the Throwing Events   Biomechanical Concerns.  When we look at lower body activity in the throwing events, we are concerned with three realms. They are blocking, lengthening the implement’s path, and force production. Blocking.  Blocking refers to a stopping or abrupt deceleration of the thrower’s movement. This fosters a transfer of…