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2014 Complete Track & Field Clinic Update!

Believe it or not, we’re set to open up registrations for the 2014 Complete Track and Field Summer Clinic to be held at Harvard University on July 19-20, 2014. Each year the event sells out earlier and earlier and we expect spots to go even faster this year since we will be setting a hard…… More

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Important Summer Clinic Update – Part I

Here are answers to a bunch of questions you probably have about the clinic, as well as answers to questions you didn’t reallize you have… 1. Send in your medical waivers or no soup for you! WARNING: If you already sent them in via email/snail mail/fax, for the love of all that is good and…… More

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Coaches & Parents: Go to this clinic

Generally, when you imagine a summer track & field clinic, you assume it is for athletes. And the primary focus of the 2012 Complete Track & Field Summer Clinic is helping the athletes. However, we’ve designed the event for coaches (and parent coaches) as well. Here is how our clinic is different than all the…… More

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Why I won’t be coaching at the 2012 CTF Summer Clinic

By now, you’re well aware of how much people enjoyed last year’s clinic. And if you haven’t signed up yet, you only have two weeks to register before we have to jack up the price and/or shut down certain event groups. (Session I: Sprints for example) But, the more I work on setting up the…… More

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