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3 Ways to Avoid Shin Splints

  Sooner or later, shin splints will rear their ugly little faces. If you’re lucky, it’ll only hit a few athletes. If not, you’ll have a group full of kids whose legs are pudding. If you’re blessed with living in a cold weather environment where you’re stuck in hallways all winter, you have a 1253%…… More

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This will make your life easier

My first job out of college was not coaching track, it was teaching a classroom full of kids with behavioral, social and emotional disorders. Spend a few full work days restraining a kid screaming racial slurs and trying to spit at and bite you for six hours and you quickly learn the art of patience.…… More

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FAQ – Boo Schexnayder’s Horizontal Jumps Program

If you have questions about Boo Schexnayder’s new horizontal jumps training program and/or DVDs, please post them in the comments section below. Please note, this is not a place to ask training questions, only questions about the program itself, i.e., how, if and why it is a good fit for your coaching/training needs. Training questions…… More

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Boo Schexnayder’s Complete Training Inventory

Training Components and Exercise Circuits By Boo Schexnayder RELATED: Get Coach Schexnayder’s Complete Training Inventory on DVD. Warmup Preparatory Routines Mobility Jog Circuit Weave Backwards Run Side Shuffle Right Side Shuffle Left Arm Circles Arms Across Crossover Run Static Flexibility Routines Capella Hansen’s Back Series (L-R) Spinal Roll Hands Behind Back Elbow/Obliques (L-R) Calf Stretch…… More

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