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Does the squat and deadlift improve sprinting speed? (Part 2)

In part #1 of my previous article, (see: Does the Squat and Deadlift Improve Sprinting Speed? Part 1), you saw the proof for exactly why both the squat and deadlift are very useful choices when the number one goal is to get faster.  Now, the next question that often arises is what kind of squat…

Supplemental Lifts for Athletes and Sprinters

I’m pretty certain that a majority of coaches and trainers at this point can appreciate the benefits associated with “Supplemental Exercises” in their comprehensive strength training program. I adopted this term from mastermind Louie Simmons and Westside Barbell because I think their terminology is the most logical of all the variations of the word I’ve…

3 Hip Dominant Exercises for Size and Speed

We are all more than likely well aware at this point that the posterior chain, Glue-Ham Complex, Backside, or whatever else you would like to call it, is absolutely critical in all areas of human performance. Success in everything from power lifting, Olympic lifting, bodybuilding, team sports, injury prevention-treatment, aesthetics, etc. automatically demands that the…