Top 5 Posts of the Week (4/12-4/18) - Complete Track and Field

Top 5 Posts of the Week (4/12-4/18)

Posted by Latif Thomas

If I send out too many emails, people start losing their minds. So, unless you visit the site a few times a week, you’re missing some great (free) information.

Here, then, are the Top 5 Most Viewed posts from over the last 7 days:

5: Speed Training Starts Early by Marc Mangiacotti (Harvard University)

4: Set Up Your High Jump Approach by Reuben Jones (Columbia University)

3: 3 Reasons Sprinters Fall Apart at the End of Races by Latif Thomas (Bishop Feehan HS – MA)

2: Coaching the National Record Holder at 1600m by Scott Christensen (Stillwater HS – MN)

1: 3 Rules for Building a Championship Culture by Latif Thomas (Bishop Feehan HS – MA)


Latif Thomas

By the way –

If you missed it last week, we’ve just released a new throws program from Boo Schexnayder. Check it out here:

==> Complete Teaching Progressions for the Throwing Events.

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  • Jeff Bevers


    Thanks for all the great information and challenging coaches to be better. You have definetly helped me become a better track coach. I have a young sprinter girl that struggles coming out of the blocks and so I have taken away the blocks at meets, I remember and article from you about a girl you had that you did the same. I am looking for tips on a no block start for her as we move into the post season. She runs a 12.8 and 25.8 and has a chance to medal at the state meet just want to make sure we progress correctly. We do still work on the blocks but are not ready to use in a meet yet.

    thanks Jeff Bevers

    • Latif Thomas

      Hey Jeff

      Thank you for the kind words. We use a standard 4 point stance (everything the same as with block settings, just no blocks) in competition or when doing things in practice that would normally use blocks. Just having the feet on the ground makes it easier for them to ‘push out’ instead of ‘step out’. If you have a more specific question, I’m happy to answer.

      • Jeff Bevers

        Thanks for the reply, I had been using the three point much like a moye block start but I can see where the 4 point is more like the traditional blocks. Thanks again for the quick reply.

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