Finally! Here are the Advanced Hurdle Training Drills and Techniques Used by Elite Coaches and Athletes

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Advanced Sprint (100/110) Hurdle Development
with USATF Master Coach Tony Veney

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With over 3.5 hours of video content, instruction and analysis, Coach Veney doesn't leave anything on the track. Here is a sample of what he covers in each section of the program:

Module 1: The Big Four

  • The #1 reason kids fail to actualize at big meets, even when they look great in practice
  • Why you should never go into meets with time goals...and what you should be focusing on instead.
  • How to design training blocks with 'built in interference' ...so athletes break out of the feeling of comfort and pace

Module 2: Training Demands

  • How to structure and progress the 10 specific training demands making up every elite hurdle program
  • Which demands require more attention based on time of year, experience and personality of the athlete
  • Why a commonalities based approach will make programming, teaching and learning more efficient for the coach and the athlete

Module 3: Evaluation

  • Specific differences in technical expectation between advanced and 'run of the mill' hurdlers
  • How to negotiate and develop the stride length/rate, velocity, air/ground time values of the Men's and Women's sprint hurdles as Personal Best times improve.
  • Fundamental differences between coaching women in the 100 lows and men in the 110 highs...and why you can't coach them the same way!

Module 4: Meat & Potatoes Volume II

  • The truth about teaching '7 steps to the first hurdle' , prerequisites for teaching it and the exact stride pattern you should use if going that route
  • Detailed breakdown of how to record and assess split times between hurdles to look for patterns of improvement...and areas of concern
  • The secret behind using the 'Part-Part-Whole' approach to teaching skill development and acquistion

Module 5: Advanced Drill Progressions

Check out Coach Veney's 'Anti-Gravity' Drill by clicking on the video player above.

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