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The main reason your sprinters aren’t running faster right now isn’t lack of genetic pedigree. It’s not the weather. Or your poor facilities. Big groups or lack of assistants.

It’s because you probably allow concerns such as trying to achieve certain amounts of volume in practice guide your program design decisions, seriously entertaining questions like how many, how far, how often & how much rest!

You may even focus on ‘getting in shape’, ‘building a base’ and do 300, 400, and even 600m repeats to ‘improve their strength’.

And the biggie, you likely take a backward approach to developing technique without even knowing it.

Ever try to improve their block starts by letting them do more block starts? Even in races!

Trying to fix toe and heel first landings and loopy backside mechanics by teaching speed drills and form running.

Using stretching routines, tape jobs and ice bags to address and heal recurring shin splint, groin and hamstring issues.

The list goes on and on. Well, coach, the corrections to coaching mistakes like these are surprisingly easy to fix. Once your realize how and why you’ve been failing to understand or design training to address the ROOT of what leads to consistently faster sprint times, you’ll be excited to go to your next practice!

Because you'll be armed with a more practical, functional, effective, and efficient system of designing and implementing the type of training your young sprinters want and need. Allowing you to put more focus on overcoming the real world limitations you face coaching at the high school level.

Complete Speed Training 3 (CST3) is brand new and coaches haven't had a full season to test it out. But, here's what coaches are saying about Latif's previous version, CST2:


Latif Thomas's Complete Speed Training Volume 3

If the original CST was your 'Associate's Degree', CST2 was your 'Bachelor's Degree', then CST3 is your Master's Degree in coaching and developing high school sprinters.

Delivered digitally, you’ll be able to stream all 8 Training Modules and 7+ hours of video instruction on your favorite device as soon as you complete your order.

Here is everything you get when you order today...

Module #1 Foundations of Sprint Training ($37 value)

If you watch nothing else, you'll be ahead of the game after watching this module. Discover a deeper and more specific understanding of the true goal of sprints training, the exact role volume and intensity play throughout the year, and the first question you must ask yourself when sitting down to plan a week of training.

Module #2 Teaching and Progressing Starts & Acceleration Mechanics
($37 value)

Improvement is all but guaranteed once you install my 'can't miss' system for establishing the perfect position for explosive blocks exit, as well as a clear and specific understanding of the exact positions they must achieve in the critical first 3 steps.

Module #3 Teaching and Progressing Top End Speed ($37 value)

It's frustrating to watch them sprint like that. Spend 80% of your time developing the two most important top speed/max velocity movements pattern and you'll see rapid improvements. On top of that, yes, I'll teach all the magic of teaching and progressing the greatest top speed development tool of all time: wicket drills.

Module #4 Video Analysis: Technical Progressions & Corrections ($37 value)

Previous modules gave you everything you need to know about teaching optimal acceleration and top end speed mechanics. Now we'll look at real world HS sprinters making common, sadness inducing errors you see every day. I'll explain why it's happening and show you the drills, regressions and coaching cues you'll use to make the problems go away forever.

Module #5 Program Design: General & Specific Endurance ($37 value)

Once we modernize our understanding of what 'endurance' for sprinters actually means, we'll apply it to the track, break down every type of workout from extensive tempo through Special Endurance II, how to apply them in real life, especially when you have meets during the week, and then I share my favorite workouts for each track endurance training category.

Module #6 Program Design: General & Specific Strength ($37 value)

Most track coaches wouldn't call strength and power training their specialty. So instead of giving a science class you won't watch, I lay out a common sense approach to safely and appropriately developing these important qualities to your groups of HS kids. One you can easily apply whether your weight room looks like a Division I football team's or a broom closet. Plus I'll save your kids' shins by updating the way you teach plyos.

Module #7 Program Design: Mastering Your Short & Long Sprints Program      ($37 value)

At the end of the day, you want to feel more confident you're planning the right drills and workouts, at the right time, in the right amounts, at the right intensity. This module will give you that confidence. Because I'm sharing the very information that gave *me* that confidence when it was taught to me a few years ago. This will be your 'Aha!' moment and it will shift your entire understanding of how you approach everything you do. (If not, ask for your money back.)

Module #8 Team Building: Developing Culture, Commitment & Confidence        ($37 value)

Sure, I'm good at teaching technique and writing workouts. But, that's not what makes me a successful coach. Instead, it is my systematic application of two core principles which build a positive culture in my groups, commitment to the cause, and confidence in my athletes both on and off the track. In this module, I'll share all that I've learned and applied on this topic.

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Even more positive feedback about the effectiveness of Coach Thomas's information:

Here's an Even Better Deal!

Take these incredibly helpful reference materials when you order CST3 today...

Bonus #1 Unlimited Q&A Support (Unlimited value)

Because it's digital and every situation is different, I make myself available to answer all your technique and program design questions. Usually within 24 hours.

Bonus #2 Complete Sprint Training Inventory ($99 value)

Here's every warmup, circuit, series, drill, and exercise (from warm up to cool down) I have compiled in 15 years of coaching. Also includes complete progressions for acceleration and plyos, progressive wicket drill spacings and an 'easy to understand' annual plan template. (If you're hardcore, you know how sick this is!!)

Bonus #3 Sample Weekly Training Plans for Each Training Phase: 100/200 & 400 ($27 value) 

You love referring to sample programs when you're struggling to write workouts. So here are my updated, 'every set and rep' sample weekly plans for the General, Specific, & Competition Phases (for both 100/200 and 400). Borrow from it, steal it outright, or ask me questions when you seek clarification. You'll open this file on a regular basis.

Bonus #4 Complete Practice Interval Charts ($27 value)

Calculating interval times for practice is horrible and time consuming. Now you never have to do it again. These charts list percentages for 100m, 150m, 200m, 300m, and 400m from 70%-95%, starting at very slow times and progressing to times your kids probably won't ever run. ...Just kidding they will because now you have CST3. 

Bonus #5 Complete Race Planning & Modeling Charts ($27 value)

How fast should they run the difference segments of their race based on their goal time? Don't guess because this chart includes splits for the first 50m and each 100m segment of both the 200m race and 400m race. Again, pointlessly slow times to very fast.

100% Risk Free 90-Day

Money Back Guarantee!

At Complete Track and Field, we're committed to helping you, your program, and your athletes achieve ongoing success. If CST3 isn't everything I've told you it is, simply request a refund within 90 days. I'll refund you 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked.


Coaches Value My Programs Because They Get Results With Their High School Sprinters:

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Latif Thomas Latif Thomas , USATF Level II (Sprints, Hurdles, & Relays) USTFCCCA Event Specialist (Sprints, Hurdles, & Relays) USTFCCCA Strength & Conditioning Specialist

“I'm committed to helping you lead your sprinters to new personal bests. If CST3 isn't everything I've said it is, simply request a refund within 90 days. I'll refund you 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked. "

Here's What You Get When You Order Today:

  • Module #1 Foundations of Sprint Training ($37 value)
  • Module #2 Teaching & Progressing Starts & Acceleration ($37 value)
  • Module #3 Teaching and Progressing Top End Speed ($37 value)
  • Module #4 Video Analysis: Technical Progressions & Corrections ($37 value)
  • Module #5 Program Design: General & Specific Endurance ($37 value)
  • Module #6 Program Design: General & Specific Strength ($37 value)
  • Module #7 Program Design: Mastering Your Short & Long Sprints Program ($37 value)
  • Module #8 Team Building: Developing Culture, Commitment, & Confidence ($37 value)

Plus These Amazing Bonuses

  • Bonus #1 Unlimited Q&A Support (unlimited value)
  • Bonus #2 Complete Sprint Training Inventory ($99)
  • Bonus #3 Sample Weekly Plans for GPP, SPP, & Comp - 100/200 & 400 ($27)
  • Bonus #4 Complete Practice Interval Charts ($27)
  • Bonus #5 Complete Race Planning & Modeling Charts ($27)

Total Real World Value of This Limited Time Offer: $523.00

But, order today and you won’t pay that amount. You won’t even pay the post launch, everyday price of $197.00 which doesn’t include many of the bonuses you’re getting today.

Order now and get all 8 Modules of CST3 ($296.00 Value), all $227.00.00 in bonuses, AND Lifetime Q&A Access with Coach Thomas (Unlimited Value) for only $523.00 $296.00 
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Here is the Answer to Your #1 Question...

"What's the Main Difference Between CST2 and CST3?"


CST3 is both a new program and an update to CST2.

CST3 can be described as a new program as opposed to simply just an update because I have changed my approach to coaching sprinters, therefore that approach may be as new to you as much of what you learned in CST2.

Think of it like moving from a from a PC to a Mac.

It requires getting used to a new operating system. But, just like before, you’re still using it to go on the Internet and do other similar things. But, how you go about doing so is different.

But, once you start getting used to it, you’d probably consider that difference to be an upgrade.

CST3 could also be considered an update to CST2 because it’s the third evolution of the original CST program I first created in 2004. It’s still focused on the ultimate goal of making sprinters faster. 

For example, Playstation 3 was focused on the same ultimate goal of playing your video games as was Playstation 2.

But, PS2 didn’t stop working when PS3 came out. People kept playing it and had good times doing so.

And PS3 was backwards compatible:

You could still play your PS2 games on it. But, they were PS2 games, not PS3 games.

In both cases, version 3 is simply faster and more powerful, which makes them superior from top to bottom.

Superior system = superior results.

Here's the deal with CST3:

CST3 is built on the premise that the ultimate goal of training is coordination and expression of the biomotor abilities/physical capacities (speed, strength, mobility, and endurance) leading to improved performance and avoidance of injury.

This can only be achieved by utilizing activities as specific to the overall task (winning or PR in a race) as current skill levels allow.

On developing Speed:

Speed can only be consistently and efficiently developed and expressed by specifically improving the ability to apply the largest amount of force (into the ground) in the least amount of time, resulting in optimal displacement.

CST3 teaches what these activities are, as well as how to appropriately teach, plan, and progress them at the high school level.

On developing Strength & Power:

Strength and Power can only be consistently and efficiently developed and expressed by specifically improving the ability to coordinate event specific movement patterns and ranges of motion while simultaneously overcoming appropriate levels of resistance.

CST3 teaches what these activities, as well as how to appropriately teach, plan, and progress them at the high school level.

On developing Endurance:

Endurance can only be consistently and efficiently developed and expressed by specifically improving the ability to complete activities composed of prolonged or event specific time constraints.

CST3 teaches what these activities are as they relate to the 55m – 400m sprint events, as well as how to appropriately teach, plan, and progress them at the high school level.

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