"How to Quickly and Easily Design Effective Circuits for Fitness, Recovery, and Strength Training...Regardless of Age, Ability or Event Group"

Discover the secret to creating and implementing circuits for all your training needs, including over 50 circuits (and almost 500 exercises)... all on video.

  • A detailed analysis of the 6 specific purposes of circuit training gives you a new understanding of where, when, and how to use circuits effectively, regardless of training age, weather, event group, or facility limitations.
  • The #1 circuit design error coaches make and exactly why this mistake negatively impacts training, recovery, and performance.
  • Discover step-by-step protocols for all circuit types; never again second guess your exercise selection, volumes, intensities, and/or work:rest ratios.
  • Get a full listing of sample circuits and routines for every circuit type and purpose so you don’t waste hours on YouTube trying to find new exercises for your next practice.

Circuit Training: Design & Administration

This Program Also Includes...

  • Demonstrations of his entire training inventory - includes the names and demonstrations of over 40 circuits and over 400 exercises, organized by category, intensity, and circuit. You will never have to go fishing for appropriate exercises to use in any phase of your training again.
  • Specific Warmup Routines, Static and Dynamic Flexibility Routines, Sprint Drills, Hurdle Skill and Mobility Circuits, All Plyometric and Multijump exercises as well as Multithrow and Medicine Ball Routines are shown in this video.
  • A life saver for coaches with limited space, poor weight room facilities an/or a large group of weak young kids. The giant general strength section may serve the most if not all of your strength training needs.
  • And much, much more!

This Program Also Includes...

  • Step by step teaching progressions for the Olympic Lifts with detailed technique pointers for Squats, the Bench Press, and Split Position lifts.
  • How to fit work done in the weight room with training done on the track, runway and/or pit.
  • Demonstrations of his entire weight training inventory, including bodybuilding circuits and remedial exercises, nearly 100 in all.
  • Simple rules and guidelines for deciding which lifts to do based on time of year, including sets, reps, intensities and recoveries.
  • And much, much more!

About Boo Schexnayder...

  • 34 years of coaching and consulting experience, but most noted for the 12 years he spent as a member of the Track and Field coaching staff at LSU.
  • Mastermind behind 19 NCAA Champions during his collegiate coaching career, 12 NCAA Championship teams and a pair of Juco National titles, as well as developing a host of conference champions and All-Americans.
  • Coached 10 Olympians, and has served on coaching staffs for Team USA to the 2003 Pan Am Games in Santo Domingo, the 2006 World Junior Championships in Beijing, and was the Jumps Coach for Team USA at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.
  • Certified at Level I, II and III, and owns the prestigious Master Coach Designation from USA Track and Field.
  • Formerly served as national chair of USATF’s Coaching Education Committee, Jumps Subcommittee chair, and chair of the Biomechanics subcommittee.
  • Currently serves as the Chair of Advisory Board of the USTFCCCA Track and Field Academy, and directs its programs.

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Circuit Training: Design & Administration Bundle (3 Hours)

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