Discover Advanced Concepts in Speed, Power, & Strength Training

Here is the most comprehensive training resource for coaches in any speed-power based sport. (8 Hours)

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Boo Schexnayder has long been regarded as America’s best educator of coaches and one of the world’s best trainers, but this might be his best work ever.

If you invest in 'Advanced Concepts in Speed, Power, & Strength Training' you'll agree it is the single best training resource available for coaches in any speed-power based sport.

In this program, Boo takes you through the entire training year, outlining the key goals and purposes of each training phase, detailed methodologies to accomplish those goals, and warns you of common coaching errors and the pitfalls along the way.

The long program (8 total hours) allows great detail and complete development of every topic and concept, and allows time to explain the “whys” as well as the “hows”.

Unlike many of Boo’s other productions, this program is applicable to all speed and power sports, and he spends a lot of time on team sport training design and inseason training management and adjustment (a topic seldom covered in other programs).

Every aspect of training… speed training, plyometrics, weight training, circuit and restorative training, and much more, are covered completely.

This program is for athletes of all levels… the term “advanced” refers to the high level, science based workout planning principles presented in the program.

He also thoroughly covers adjustments in training that should be made based on testing results, your observations, and athlete’s training ages.

Boo Schexnayder Presents:

Advanced Concepts in Speed, Power, & Strength Training

In This 8 HOUR Master Class, Coach Schexnayder Lays Out...

  • How to adjust programming as athletes move from developmental to elite levels.
  • How to arrange your training phases.
  • How to write workouts for each phase.
  • Detailed discussions about managing in season weight training (with extra attention to team sport needs).
  • And much, much more!

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MODULE #1: Stream or download the 2 hour 'Rethinking General Preparation' [$75 Value]

MODULE #2: Stream or download the 2 hour 'Specific Training: Where Games Are Won' [$75 Value]

MODULE #3: Stream or download the 2 hour 'Inseason Training Management: Becoming a Chameleon' [$75 Value]

MODULE #4: Stream or download the 2 hour 'Critical Competition Management: Where Games Are Lost' [$75 Value]

CTF EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Coach Schexnayder is offering Free Unlimited Q&A Support within our secure, members only, and program specific coaching forum [$100 Value]






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