"Discover Proven Power Development Solutions for Sprints, Hurdles, & Jumps"

NCAA Coach of the Year Caryl Smith Gilbert (USC) shares her proven system for developing explosive power translating directly to overwhelming performance improvements. Includes workouts and progressions, with video. (95 minutes)

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Power could be described as the intersection between speed and strength.

For sprinters, hurdlers, and jumpers, the ability to possess and express this quality is, quite simply, the key factor separating Champions and Finalists from the 'also rans'.

In this 95 minute Master Class, NCAA Coach of the Year Caryl Smith Gilbert lays out her rarely seen system for developing explosive power in her athletes.

You may have seen or heard bits and pieces of her training program all over the internet.

Here it is... all in one place!

Caryl Smith Gilbert Presents: Power Development Solutions

Caryl Smith Gilbert - Power Development Solutions

In This 1 Hour and 35 Minute Program, Coach Gilbert Lays Out...

  • How training under the legendary Tony Wells influenced her specific approach to speed and power development
  • Where, when, and how to develop and progress explosive power qualities, whether athletes are inexperienced or proven Champions
  • Exactly how the different types of hopping & bounding activities specifically correlate to the different phases of the 100m race
  • Sample circuits, drill progressions, and workouts tailored to the different training phases... including which changes to make to 400m runners
  • And much, much more!

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Caryl Smith Gilbert - Power Development Solutions
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