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I don't know when we'll have our track season/s back.

Nobody does.

But, I do know this:

Successful coaches are taking advantage of these uncertain times by updating their operating systems and cleaning up processes they might not normally have time to address.

If that sounds like you, this collection of Master Classes (moderated in real time and capped off with a Q&A covering questions that came up in real time) is a must-have addition to your coaching tool box.

I Want You to Know That This is Different


For real.

When I secured the participation of these acclaimed coaches for this unprecedented Zoom 'Master Class' Series, I didn't want it to be like all the others.

So I followed the same process in putting the event together as I would planning a cycle of training.

I carefully thought about the coaches who would be presenting.

Each topic was chosen for a reason.

The order of delivery is specific and intentional.


Because in addition to excellent coaches delivering (>10 hours) world class content, there's also a lesson to be learned regarding how to think about the information you consume, process it, and weave it into your program.

(But even if you don't want to get that deep, play the clips from each presenter and even if you don't invest in the Series, you won't leave empty handed...)

Here's a Detailed Look Into Each Master Class Topic...

[Master Session #1] Kebba Tolbert

'Error Detection and Corrections for Both Acceleration & Race Distribution'

If you don't understand where errors originate and accumulate during acceleration, you have no effective system for evaluating those issues or making long term corrections.

In this preview from Master Class Session #1, Coach Tolbert dives into the Key Performance Indicators that lead to success in acceleration:

✅ Pushing

✅ Posture

✅ Projection

✅ Flight

✅ Patience/Rhythm

✅ Rising

In This 120 Minute Program, Coach Tolbert Lays Out...

  • The #1 performance crippling mistake many sprinters make before the gun goes off (and why you're giving the competition an immediate advantage(
  • Effective strategies for giving more productive feedback in practice ...including where to stand in order to evaluate different issues
  • How to use and interpret science (even if you're not a scientist!)
  • Why incorporating a specific (and unconventional) mindset to race analysis will yield better results... leading to improved race strategy from each athlete
  • And much, much more!

[Master Session #2] Caryl Smith Gilbert

'Explosive Power Development: Progressions & Programming'

Power could be described as the intersection between speed and strength.

For sprinters, hurdlers, and jumpers, the ability to possess and express this quality is, quite simply, the key factor separating Champions and Finalists from the 'also rans'.

In this 95 minute Master Class, NCAA Coach of the Year Caryl Smith Gilbert lays out her rarely seen system for developing explosive power in her athletes.

You may have seen or heard bits and pieces of her training program all over the internet.

Here it is...all in one place!

In This 95 Minute Program, Coach Smith Gilbert Lays Out...

  • How training under the legendary Tony Wells influenced her specific approach to speed and power development
  • Where, when, and how to develop and progress explosive power qualities, whether athletes are inexperienced or proven Champions
  • Exactly how the different types of hopping & bounding activities specifically correlate to the different phases of the 100m race
  • Sample circuits, drill progressions, and workouts tailored to the different training phases...including which changes to make to 400m runners
  • And much, much more!

[Master Session #3] Tony Holler

'Training Cats to Run the 400'

Training high school athletes to run the 400m has, for decades, been heavily influenced by the great Clyde Hart of Baylor University (aka "Quarter-Miler U").

In this Zoom Master Class, Tony Holler, creator of "Feed the Cats", introduces a radically different approach.

Instead of building a high-volume base, Coach Holler's athletes build a SPEED BASE. Holler believes speed creates endurance and endurance negates speed.

In a "Feed the Cats" system, all sprinters (100, 200, 400), all hurdlers, and all jumpers train together in the essentialist pursuit of SPEED.

In This 140 Minute Program, Coach Holler Lays Out...

  • How the Clyde Hart approach nearly killed high school track.
  • In detail off-season Feed the Cats training, with zero emphasis on an aerobic focus.
  • In detail in-season Feed the Cats training, with the priority of survival and sprinting farther.
  • Acidosis Tolerance Workouts (aka lactate workouts)
  • And much, much more!

[Master Session #4] Gabe Sanders

'The Art and Science of Progressing Acceleration & Max Velocity'

Workouts for sprinters and hurdlers must have a mix of acceleration and max velocity to develop efficient sprinting technique. Gabe Sanders shares an approach to developing and improving these qualities you don't normally see in traditional track and field sprints/hurdles programs.

Gabe Sanders clears up the confusion by taking you step by step through specific acceleration and max velocity drills that will lead your athletes to new personal bests when it matters most.

If you're in the market for new coaching strategies, workouts, and progressions aimed specifically at improving the performance of your male and female sprinters and hurdlers, then add "Acceleration and Max Velocity Activities & Progressions" to your CTF account right now.

In This 130 Minute Program, Coach Sanders Lays Out...

  • How to choose optimal practice activities based on (relative) intensity, complexity, and context (otherwise your sprinters aren't training...they're just exercising)
  • Review (and steal) >30 *videos* of Gabe's favorite acceleration, max velocity, and strength training drills and progressions...(contained in the Power Point so you can save each file separately)
  • Why (and exactly how) using acceleration and max velocity "complexes" will revitalize your practices (HINT: How do you currently assess Level of Athlete 'Buy In')
  • Detailed analysis of effective acceleration and max velocity training sessions... progressing from early GPP through late SPP
  • And much, much more!

[Master Session #5] Marc Mangiacotti

'Optimal Training and Racing Approaches for Every Type of 400m Runner'

Without a doubt, the most popular question with regards to 400m training is...

...'short to long' or 'long to short'?

It is important to understand both styles as well as how they can work together based on the individual athlete before answering such a question. One style of training does not work for everyone!

This presentation covers this topic along with how to identify the 400m training style that works for each athlete. Race model plans for the 'racer', 'pacer', and 'chaser' are defined and explained.

Again...one style does not fit all!

Coaching a wide variety of athletes means you can't have one way of doing anything...

In This 140 Minute Program, Coach Mangiacotti Lays Out...

  • Testing measures that help identify the type of 400m runner (testing chart included)
  • How to understand exactly where your athletes fit on the speed-power continuum
  • Coach Mang's favorite workouts and progressions for helping coaches understand how each athlete should run the 400m (race modeling)
  • All of my 400m workout (covering each training type) on one slide!
  • And much, much more!

This Is Not "Sprints Coaching 101"...

We're not here to explain the difference between extensive and intensive tempo or convince you that speed development gets trained year round.

These are advanced concepts.

I ask the experts, in real time and during the Q&A, nuanced training questions, aka Track Nerd Stuff.

If you're a beginner, this might be biting off more than you can chew.

But, if you're a serious coach looking to make a splash when the season starts back up, this is right up your alley.

Here's What Coaches Are Saying About the CTF Sprints Master Class Series:

  • It was set up like an acceleration pattern. Kebba turned on the jets and blasted down the runway and with each day the plane rose skyward steadily. What I loved was just listening to the tidbits and one liners that struck a chord. A new coach "Just wants the nuts and bolts" and is like "Just give me the workouts." A seasoned coach could care less about the workouts and that’s why I loved this, it wasn’t about the workouts or simple training theory it was a unique insight into the "Why" and the patterns that shaped them. That is the content I wanted and felt like I got. I would start each day typing notes and 20' in. I’m no longer taking notes but just listening.
  • I thought this was an extraordinary event. Each presenter was well prepared and presented their information extremely well. Their individual thought processes and willingness to accept and exchange ideas clearly makes them leaders in the coaching profession. To be so generous with their time was very much appreciated. The clinic could not have come at a better time, and it was an exceptional panel of clinicians! A huge thank you to Latif and all the coaches, they seem like exceptional people!
  • The value that I received from this is mind blowing. The presenters spoke with genuine passion, and love for the sport. This was my first coaching webinar ever an it was awesome. Thank you Latif for putting this together. Will be going and getting that level 1 certification once things are back to normal.
  • Being a younger coach I found it incredibly useful to see how coaches at the next level do things. A lot of my beliefs and views were challenged and it really made me re-evaluate why I include certain things in my program currently. Caryl really made me think about the "why" and I constantly had to remind myself of what you always say Latif, which is that I don't need to look at any of this as gospel and copy things blindly, but take what I like and adapt it to my current situation. I liked Gabe's point about how we are developing our abilities to become better chefs and master our own recipes.
  • I thought the format of the Sprint Master Class was outstanding. Having the various coaches share their knowledge and expertise, in their respective fields, I felt, was invaluable to those in attendance. The efforts in putting together such a program were clearly evident. Thank you!
  • Kebba was great as always, Gabe was excellent and well spoken, but I have to say Marcs was amazing. It was extremely well done. Relatable yet informational. It gave statistics and facts while simultaneously making sure you cater to each individual. Marcs was a great end to the week

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MODULE #5: Stream or download Marc Mangiacotti's full 140 minute 'Optimal Training and Racing Approaches for Every Type of 400m Runner' [$99 Value]

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